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Planet Research

How can research results make our lives better? What happens when researchers combine their know-how? What results are emerging from national and international research dialogues? 'Planet research' reveals what is going on in the world of TU Graz research.

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A drawn, artificial head in blue.

Learning Machines

“Machine learning will change our world, just as the internet and computers have done,” says a convinced Robert Legenstein from TU Graz.   Read more 17. January 2022
Lia Gruber is standing in front of the word "Energie".

Lia Gruber: The “Powerhouse” at Campus Inffeldgasse

Lia Gruber started her academic career at a school with a focus on theatre. Then she switched from acting to electrical engineering. Today she is working on energy communities.   Read more 17. January 2022
Emil Göttlich with his employee at the lab.

In the Turbo-machinery Laboratory at TU Graz

In the Turbomachinery Laboratory at the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics at TU Graz, Emil Göttlich, head of the laboratory, and his research team study the aerodynamics of aircraft engines.   Read more 17. January 2022


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