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Planet Research

How can research results make our lives better? What happens when researchers combine their know-how? What results are emerging from national and international research dialogues? 'Planet research' reveals what is going on in the world of TU Graz research.

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Two men and one woman at a lab.

When will Austria experience a blackout?

Electrical energy dominates daily life. Without it, life would be … on the dark side. The fear of a large-scale blackout is great. But how great is the danger for Austria really?   Read more 3. June 2022
A dark city.

What happens during a blackout?

We are all familiar with power outages – but fortunately widespread outages are rare. This is due to a sophisticated balance of generation and utilization. But what happens when the lights go out in spite of everything?   Read more 3. June 2022
Two men are holding a concrete object and talking.

Building lighter with concrete? How concrete 3D printing saves material and CO2

Concrete construction must become more sustainable and lower in CO2 emissions. Concrete 3D printing can contribute significantly to a reduction in materials. TU Graz wants to put this young technology into practice.   Read more 25. May 2022


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