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Planet Research

How can research results make our lives better? What happens when researchers combine their know-how? What results are emerging from national and international research dialogues? 'Planet research' reveals what is going on in the world of TU Graz research.

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Drei junge Männer.

Power grid: Stormy danger for the power grid

Electricity is omnipresent in our lives. So omnipresent that we no longer even consciously perceive it. Except when it's suddenly gone and we're aimlessly searching for a torch.   Read more 23 December 2020
Mehrdad Imani Tilenoei arbeitet mit der Triaxialanlage.

Triaxial testing facility: Transition rock under pressure

Neither hard like stone, nor soft like soil: transition rock is important for almost every construction project, but difficult to study. But this is now possible at the TU Graz.   Read more 18 December 2020
Zwei Wasserstoffatome.

Hydrogen: Electricity Storage of the Future?

If our energy system is to become more eco-friendly, there is no way to avoid hydrogen as an energy carrier. Researchers around the world are certain of this.   Read more 8 December 2020


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