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Planet Research

How can research results make our lives better? What happens when researchers combine their know-how? What results are emerging from national and international research dialogues? 'Planet research' reveals what is going on in the world of TU Graz research.

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Drei Personen blicken in die Kamera. Links eine Frau mit braunen Haaren, weißem T-Shirt und einer Brille. In der MItte ein Mann mit braunen Haaren, einem grauen Pullover und einer Brille. Rechts eine Frau mit braunen Haaren, einem Haarband und einer bunten Bluse.

Young Skin Thanks to Sugar

Since the EU sugar quota was liberalised, the market price is low, and sugar stocks are full. An international team has been conducting research on how sucrose can be valorized on an industrial scale.   Read more 16. April 2019
Eine junge Frau mit blonden Haaren und schwarzem Pullover steht auf einem Balkon und blickt direkt in die Kamera. Ihre Hände sind verschränkt.

Anti-Ageing for fuel cells

Vanja Subotic is conducting research on ageing in fuel cells at an early stage, halting it, and in the best case scenario reversing it. She has received the Josef Krainer Promotion Prize 2019 for her work.   Read more 10. April 2019
Eine Frau steht neben einem Computerbildschirm

Pit stop for paper bags

What does industry-scale cement bag filling have in common with a pit stop in Formula 1? Filling a 25kg paper bag with cement in the factory takes about three seconds, about as long as a pit stop.   Read more 9. April 2019


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