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Planet Research

How can research results make our lives better? What happens when researchers combine their know-how? What results are emerging from national and international research dialogues? 'Planet research' reveals what is going on in the world of TU Graz research.

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Image source: Lunghammer - TU Graz

Playing with Material Properties

Anna Galler has just moved to TU Graz with an Elise Richter Fellowship. Here, the researcher analyses 2D materials.   Read more 28. May 2024
Image source: Schmied - TU Graz

She Teaches Robots to See

Eva Reitbauer is trying to teach robots to “see”. Her robots include autonomous compost turning machines whose sensory organs are sensors such as laser scanners and cameras.   Read more 8. May 2024
A cockpit of a formula racing car stands in front of a screen on which the pit lane of a race track is shown in computer graphics.

Algorithm Wants to Learn the Perfect Lap in a Racing Car

Research into robots and their autonomy can also lead to an algorithm chasing its own lap record. Does it do this better than humans?   Read more 7. May 2024


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