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Research Infrastructures

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In the Research Infrastructures section, the editorial team presents selected research facilities at TU Graz and explains what they can do and how researchers are currently using them.
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“A battery is a diary of driving behaviour.”

Nowadays, batteries are recycled at the end of their (first) life in the best case; in the worst case they end up in a landfill. At TU Graz, research is being carried out on avenues to a safe, second life.   Read more 11. September 2023
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Micro-CT Lab: Looking Deeply into Material Structures

Since the innovative Micro-CT Lab at TU Graz went into operation in 2022, researchers from TU Graz, the Uni Graz and the Med Uni Graz have been working together examining material structures.   Read more 2. March 2022


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