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TU Graz SciPix: Vote for the best pic and film!

07/27/2022 | TU Graz news | Research | Planet research | FoE Advanced Materials Science | FoE Human & Biotechnology | FoE Information, Communication & Computing | FoE Mobility & Production | FoE Sustainable Systems

By Birgit Baustädter

How beautiful is research at TU Graz? This is what we show in the TU Graz SciPix photo and film competition. Now you can vote for your favourite photo and film!

The competition focuses the spotlight on scientific work being carried out at TU Graz. Over the past few months, TU Graz employees have rummaged through their archives or pressed the shutter button anew and submitted the best pictures and films. And now it's your turn: vote for your favourite photo and film!

Click to vote now!

TU Graz Research Photo and Film Competition

TU Graz SciPix is a photo and film competition held at TU Graz, which focuses the spotlight on the diverse research being carried out at the Styrian research institution. TU Graz employees send in photos and film to show how colourful and exciting the scientific work at TU Graz is and to provide authentic insights into their daily research life.

The twelve most beautiful photos and films will be placed on display in a touring exhibition starting in the fall of 2021. The photos will first be displayed on the Campus Alte Technik, then moved on to the Campus Neue Technik and finally displayed at the Campus Inffeldgasse. The exhibition is open to the public…come on by and enter the world of science at TU Graz!

More information on TU Graz SciPix.