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Teaching in Dialogue

Dialogue formats and events encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas between stakeholders of TU Graz. The events are an essential part of the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs' information and communication strategies to support and advance high-quality teaching.

The dialogue formats and events Students’ Workshop with Vice Rector Vorbach, LEHR-Stammtisch (teachers’ discussion group), the Think Tank, and the Lunch & Lehre (Lunch & Teaching) events were created to meet the needs of different target groups and encourage participants to exchange experiences and ideas. In addition, TU Graz employees and students receive information on developments in the field of education at TU Graz. Information is actively and methodically gathered at these events, allowing it to be incorporated into strategic decisions and measures related to teaching at TU Graz. The active participation of students, teachers and administrative staff is critically important at these events to shape innovative processes.

At the Lunch & Lehre (Lunch & Teaching) events, teachers, students and administrative staff can exchange ideas on various topics in an informal setting. The setting of the event varies depending on the topic, but opportunities area always provided for lively discussions with the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and the heads of his departments.

At the LEHR-Stammtisch (teachers‘ discussion group), TU Graz teachers as well as experts provide detailed information on all topics related to professional teaching at TU Graz. Teachers from all faculties and institutes are invited to participate in these events to actively exchange their experiences and ideas on certain educational topics.

All students and researchers at TU Graz who are looking for a productive (re)start on their unfinished work and want to turn night into day are invited to the Long Night against Procrastination. Does your work need the finishing touches? Or are you looking for a new impulse to continue working? We are happy to provide you with expert writing and research advice in a unique atmosphere among like-minded people so that you can benefit from the flow.

In the Think Tank, a selected group of TU Graz stakeholder representatives work together in external, moderated workshops to develop ideas and innovative concepts related to the current topics of teaching and learning.

Within WorkS! – Workshops for academic success, all TU Graz Students can take a close look at their learning strategies, can expand skills in scientific work, optimize writing process and exchange ideas and experience cohesion among like-minded people. It aims to support, motivate and activate students through new impulses.

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Lunch & Lehre (Lunch & Teaching)

Dialogue event for TU Graz employees and students

Next date: 23 June 2022

Previously-discussed topics:

  • General concerns, wishes, suggestions, feedback
  • Guidelines for long-distance learning modules units
  • Use of e-learning based on the example of university courses
  • Internationalization
  • Guidelines for curriculum development, course planning and teaching assignments
  • Checklist for diversity in teaching

Video: Lunch & Lehre

Additional information for TU Graz employees and students is available in the intranet TU4U: Lunch & Lehre

LEHR-Stammtisch (teachers' discussion group)

Dialogue event for TU Graz teachers, held once per semester

Next date: will be announced

Previously-discussed topics:

  • Implementation of digital methods in teaching
  • Legal framework in the teaching environment (legal regulations for academic affairs, copyright law, open educational resources)
  • Handbook for Academic Affairs
  • Teach Center 2.0
  • Feedback culture
  • Teaching qualification
  • MOOC to Open Educational Resources (OER)

Additional information for TU Graz employees and students is available in the intranet TU4U: Lehr-Stammtisch

Long Night against Procrastination

A whole night for TU Graz students and researchers to write on their (postponed) thesis or paper. Further information on the LNAA, support services and a review of past LNAAs can be found on the intranet TU4U.

Next date: will be announced

Further Information and Registration

Think Tank

Innovative dialogue event with a selected group of students, teachers and administrative staff.

Additional information for TU Graz employees and students is available in the intranet TU4U: Think Tank

WorkS! – Workshops for academic success

WorkS!, the workshop series for academic success, offers all students at TU Graz new impulses on a wide range of topics related to studying.

Next date: will be announced

Previously-discussed topics:

  • Learning motivation - learning and performance strategies for long-term learning success.
  • Writing workshop - writing academic theses.
  • Student graduation phase - challenges, methods and techniques as well as support services of TU Graz on the way to graduation

Employees and students of Graz University of Technology can find further information on the intranet TU4U.