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Researchers in the Field of Expertise Mobility & Production provide ground-breaking solutions to today’s challenges in terrestrial and air traffic, aerospace and production engineering and management. They develop novel vehicle technologies and drive systems as well as more economical, faster and more flexible product manufacturing processes.
Man with protective jacket and helmet under his arm stands in front of a tunnel entrance.

“A Tunnel Is Not a Health Resort”

Daniel Fruhwirt from TU Graz explains what causes bad air quality in tunnels, how fresh air gets into tunnel systems and how “smoke management” enables safe escape routes in the case of fire.   Read more 24. January 2023
A man in a lab.

Lightweight Construction: Light Railed Vehicles, Less Damage

Peter Brunnhofer works at the Institute of Structural Durability and Railway Technology to make trains lighter, more robust and more efficient. An interview with the researcher talking about lightweight construction.   Read more 6. December 2022


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