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Services for Alumni

Stay in contact! Do you want to share experiences with other alumni? Stay up to date with developments in research and teaching at TU Graz? Receive information on academic training and cooperation ventures? Be invited to events, lectures and graduate meet-ups? The alumni and contact network at TU Graz offers all this and more.

The alumni and contact network at TU Graz aims to encourage academic and personal contact between graduates, former teachers and researchers, and TU Graz. Furthermore, current and former staff and students at TU Graz are connected with people who drive and promote the design and development of technology in society.
The Ball der Technik takes place annually and is the largest event for graduates of TU Graz. If you are interested in attending, the ball is always on the last Friday in January. You can find tickets and further information at Ball der Technik.

Contact Details

Staff Unit of the Rectorate for Alumni Relations / alumniTUGraz 1887
Petersgasse 10

8010 Graz


Administrative Office:



Tel.: +43 316 873 6045

Fax: +43 316 873 6046

To the Staff Unit Alumni Affairs

Alumni and Contact Network

Your life-long alumni and contact network offers you:

Stay in contact with TU Graz

The alumni and contact network is aimed at the following groups of people:
  • former students and former incoming students
  • graduates of degrees and university courses
  • former academic staff at TU Graz
  • former teachers without an employment relationship with TU Graz
  • Honorary members of TU Graz
Teconomy is the largest company fair in Southern Austria. Each spring, almost 100 companies come and introduce themselves to TU Graz students, providing information on numerous job vacancies. All information about the fair as well as current job vacancies can be found at Career TU Graz.

Technical Services

You have access to the TUGRAZonline information system: You can edit your personal information, add and edit information about your career, access digital communities and more. As a graduate of a degree or university course, you also have access to information about your degree and can register for the career newsletter.

As a graduate of a degree or university course, you can continue to use your student email account with all content still saved after you have completed your degree. All other members of the alumni and contact network can get an email account via TUGRAZonline.

Details on how to activate your email account

alumniTUGraz 1887

With alumniTUGRAZ 1887, you can stay in contact with TU Graz and other alumni, developing your network. You will receive information about options for academic continuing education and cooperation ventures. For example, you will be invited to different events, lectures and discussions, you receive magazines and publications, can create your own career profile, can buy discounted tickets for the Ball der Technik and take advantage of further digital services.

alumniTUGraz1887 – how to become a member!


With alumnidigital, you can contact former colleagues directly from your TUGRAZonline-Account without needing to register one of the commercial social media platforms . You can provide information about yourself, and comment on or publish posts. You can create groups together with people who share your interests.

alumnidigital - how to take part!

alumni eXtended

With alumni eXtended, you become part of an international network. Even if you live far away, you can still stay connected with TU Graz, share experiences and expertise with former colleagues, maintain old contacts and make new ones. With the eXtended app, you can keep up to date with news on research, teaching and global contacts, partnerships and cooperation ventures of TU Graz. alumni eXtended – how to get involved!


The alumni women's network of TU Graz - WomenUniverse - is aimed at female graduates, female students and all women who are interested in the connection between science and business. For inspiration and interaction, for sharing experiences, for telling your own story, for support in shaping your individual future, and much more.

Details and registration for the network (in German): alumni.tugraz.at/womenuniverse


If you believe that the results of your doctoral thesis or master’s thesis are of particular importance for society, you can submit them for the Technology and Society Forum prize. Almost 144,500 Euros in prize money have been awarded since 2003.

Information about the prize 


The alumni clubroom at Petersgasse 10 is the perfect place for informal meetings, discussions, presentations and small-scale artistic performances. This accessible room has a projector, projector screen, blinds, internet, HiFi equipment, and can be provided with different seating with bar or cafe tables for a maximum of 30 people. A coffee machine and bar are available. Please contact the secretary’s office with any inquiries.

TU Graz Reunions

You are invited to a special celebration 25, 50 and 70 years after your graduation, where we show you around TU Graz and may renew your degree certificate.

Tell us about your career and celebrate with us.

Dates and organisation TU Graz Reunions

Rector Harald Kainz at a 25th graduation anniversary celebration organised by TU Graz Reunions. Dates and organisation details can be found at TU Graz Reunions.

History Project

Find out all about the history of TU Graz spanning over 200 years, and learn about earlier institutes and teachers. Look up all rectors since the foundation of the university, all honorary doctors and other honorary members, information on special events, anniversaries and magazines from every epoch as well as photos of the campus from then and now. Participate using documents and materials from your own personal TU Graz history.

Follow TU Graz on LinkedIn!

We have a main page that presents mostly content related to our research, and a number of focus pages dedicated to special topics and groups of people. Follow us, and share the most interesting stories and news with your professional network!

Alumni Page

Keep in touch with TU Graz after you've finished studying here. LinkedIn Alumni Page


Information on current vacancies and related matters.

TU Graz Jobs

Career Info-Service Page

Resources for beginning your professional career – facts, stories and events. Career Info-Service Page

Life Long Learning Page

We make life long learning possible for graduates and experts at university level. Life Long Learning Page

The following could also be of interest

Career Services

More than 1000 students complete their degree programmes in various technical and natural science subjects at TU Graz each year. The Career Info Service runs the official TU Graz recruiting platform, and offers companies and institutes different ways to specifically address their target groups and encourage applications. Career TU Graz

Take Away and Give Away

Make your connection to TU Graz visible by wearing a TU tie or TU bike helmet, or carrying a TU umbrella or a TU tarpaulin bag.

You can find these special alumni products here

Take Away and Give Away.

Technology and Society Forum

The Technology and Society Forum is a platform for all TU Graz partnerships with companies and institutions. It does not include purely research-orientated partnerships.

The forum is run and organised as a TU Graz cooperation with alumniTUGraz 1887.

Technology and Society Forum