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FoE Sustainable Systems

Planet Research

Research topics in the Field of Expertise Sustainable Systems range from future-oriented urban planning, innovative building technologies and energy systems to the use of renewable energy sources, intelligent energy networks and green mobility.
Image source: Schmied - TU Graz

She Teaches Robots to See

Eva Reitbauer is trying to teach robots to “see”. Her robots include autonomous compost turning machines whose sensory organs are sensors such as laser scanners and cameras.   Read more 8. May 2024
 Image source: Lunghammer - TU Graz

Bacteria with CO₂ on the Menu

Researchers at TU Graz and ACIB feed bacteria with CO₂ and other gases in a gas fermentation process. What humans store as fat, these bacteria deposit as bioplastics.   Read more 20. March 2024


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