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Researchers in the Field of Expertise Human & Biotechnology are developing apparatus and methods for medical applications and use enzymes and living microorganisms in technical applications. Research results are channelled into medicine, environmental technology, industry and agriculture, thus benefitting society.
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New Spectrometers for TU Graz Chemistry

TU Graz and the Japanese analytical instrument manufacturer JEOL opened the newly designed JEOL Application Lab with completely new nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometers in January 2023.   Read more 18. January 2023
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Enzyme Research Between Cholera and Targeted Design

TU Graz biochemists Horst Lechner and Daniel Kracher have received BioTechMed-Graz Young Researchers Group funding. Both want to use it to conduct research on enzymes in different areas.   Read more 28. November 2022


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