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Research Stays at TU Graz

Are you interested in a research stay at TU Graz? The university helps you to realise your plans:

Information and Advice

Lessingstraße 32
A-8010 Graz
Phone +43 316 873 6427 or 4920


Consultation hours during the opening hours of the International House and by prior arrangement

Options for Research Funding and Financing

National grants

Grants from European Organisations

Funding in the framework of international networks

  • ASEA-UNINET is a European university network that supports cooperation with and in South Asia.
  • Eurasia-Pacific Uninet is an independent network that offers a geographical extension to Asea Uninet. It encourages cooperation with Eastern and Central Asia as well as with countries in the Pacific

Funding for short term research stays

Programme for professors and assistants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo: :
WUS Austria – One-Month Visits to Austria for Graduates

Researching, working and living in Graz

Researching at TU Graz

Living and working in Austria

On the City of Graz

TU Graz is in the middle of the City of Graz, a lively university city which offers many opportunities. Graz is at the centre of Europe. Here, you’re only a stone’s throw away from exciting cities such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest. You’re at the mountains in less than an hour. And with Italy, Slovenia and Croatia close by, the Adriatic Sea isn’t far away.   A very good public transport network and popular cycle lanes contribute to the high quality of life in the City of Graz. Cultural activities are diverse and affordable. The influence of different cultures makes the city colourful and lively. And the different festivals, farmers’ markets and Christmas markets as well as the diverse cuisine mean that you will never get bored. More about the City of Graz More about Austria

Art and Culture

A fantastic diversity of cultural events is available in Graz. As an employee, your TU Graz card allows you to receive discounts at many artistic and cultural events, from the theater, the opera and La Strada — the international festival for street performer and puppet theater — to the performances of the Graz University Orchestra.
Details can be found via the intranet TU4U. The current artistic and cultural events going on in Graz can be found by searching the following websites of the City of Graz: