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Support Students and Attract Young Talents

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Christoph ADAMETZ

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Publish Job Vacancies

Every year, more than 2,000 students of engineering and science subjects complete their studies at TU Graz. Make the most of the opportunity to recruit outstandingly educated graduates to your company.

The Career Info-Service of TU Graz supports you in placing your job offers in the best possible way.

Service packages to promote recruitment of personnel and employer branding

With various service packages, you can present yourself as an attractive company to students and graduates and attract young talent.

The service packages are offers for partner companies of TU Graz and institutional members of the alumniTUGraz 1887 association (association section Forum Technology and Society).
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Offer a Scholarship for a Study Abroad

By financially supporting scholarships for a study abroad, you can foster the best students of certain degree programmes (defined by yourself) by giving them the possibility to study at international guest universities with an enhanced scholarship. In that way, you get in touch with the best students while simultaneously boosting the internationalisation of TU Graz.

More on Offering a Scholarships for a Study Abroad


Career Service Package: Attract Young Talents

Our Career Info-Service is the direct link between your company and advanced students and graduates. By choosing a career service package, you can place your company’s logo and profile on TU Graz’s main websites on a long-term basis, take advantage of a fixed amount of free job ads and a special option for participating in the annual recruiting fair TECONOMY Graz.

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Sponsor a Lecture Hall or Seminar Room

Sponsoring a lecture hall or seminar room will enable you to place your company in the academic landscape of TU Graz, directly on campus! Besides boosting your company’s visibility to attract potential employees, you are directly present at the teaching hub as well as on the main web platform career.tugraz.at. At the same time, you help TU Graz to provide students with the best possible infrastructure.

More on Sponsoring a Lecture Hall or Seminar Room

Promoting TU Graz talent: TU Graz 100 scholarship programme

Together with national and international companies, TU Graz supports 100 young talents from Austria and abroad with scholarships every year. The joint investment in the talents of the future is also an investment in the future of Austria as a centre of business and innovation.

Duration of funding: max. 24 months (with corresponding proof of success)

Bachelor's scholarship: 4,000 euros per academic year
Master's scholarship: 8,000 euros per academic year

The scholarship programme is an offer for partner companies of TU Graz and institutional members of the association alumniTUGraz 1887 (association section Forum Technology and Society).
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Company Packages

Company packages are possible from a sponsorship of two students. Each package is scheduled for a period of two years.

Sponsor 2 students

  • 2 Bachelor students € 18,000 for 2 years
  • 2 Master's students € 34,000 for 2 years
  • 1 Bachelor, 1 Master student € 26,000 for 2 years

Sponsor 3 students

  • 2 Bachelor's students € 27,000 for 2 years
  • 2 Master's students € 51,000 for 2 years
  • 2 Bachelor's students, 1 Master's student € 35,000 for 2 years
  • 1 Bachelor's student, 2 Master's students € 43,000 for 2 years

Funding for 4+ students

  • Bachelor: € 4,000 per year/person
  • Master: € 8,000 per year/person
  • additional € 500 overhead per year/person for application, processing, etc.

For details see the info folder

Present your company at a career fair

By participating in a career fair, you increase your visibility among students and graduates and find the best talents.

Bachelor's and Master's theses with students from TU Graz


Bachelor's or Master's thesis

Cooperation: A Bachelor's or Master's thesis on your research topic is realised by students of TU Graz, accompanied by TU Graz scientists

Duration Machelor thesis: 1 semester

Duration Master's thesis: 6 months

You can find details on the process in the guideline on academic theses in company collaborations (in German: Richtlinie zu Wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten bei Unternehmenskooperationen)



Please contact the relevant institute.