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Business Enterprises – Start-ups and Spin-offs

The TU Graz is considered to be a prime source of entrepreneurship. Numerous graduates and academic staff members have founded one or even several companies. Many of these companies operate in Styria. Their dynamic growth significantly contributes to the remarkable innovation performance of Styria.

Many engineers and scientists at TU Graz develop a business idea either during their studies, directly after graduating or after several years of paid employment. They decide to seize the opportunity to turn their idea into reality, either as sole proprietor of a company or as a member of a team, as a start-up company or a university spin-off.    

Virtual Map

In the virtual map, you can see start-ups and spin-offs that are associated with the TU Graz.
Sources: Internet and surveys of the TU Graz Research & Technology House. The accuracy, completeness or timeliness of this information cannot be guaranteed. Contact the Research & Technology House if
  • You are a graduate of TU Graz, have founded a start-up or spin-off company and have created jobs, but do not find your company listed on the virtual map.
  • You are aware of appropriate companies that are missing from the virtual map.

This virtual map provides a clear overview of the business enterprises that have been founded by graduates, students or (former) employees of TU Graz.
Time period: from 1950
You see Start-ups connected to TU Graz and Spin-offs of TU Graz.
Sources: Internet and surveys of the TU Graz Research & Technology House.

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In 2009, I founded smaXtec animal care sales GmbH together with a fellow student. Our company appears on this comprehensive virtual map. Entrepreneurship seems to be in the blood of people who have been associated with TU Graz! I can use my experience as a young entrepreneur to my advantage in my daily work at the TU Graz.


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Start-ups that are associated with TU Graz are businesses that have been founded, either independently or as part of a team,  by people connected with the university such as (former) employees, students or graduates, on the basis of innovative, mostly technology-based business concepts.


Spin-offs associated with TU Graz in the virtual map are
  • Start-ups that have contractually secured the right to commercially use technology that was developed at the TU Graz.
  • Research partners that are based at the TU Graz, mostly COMET competence centers.

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