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A man is sitting at a screen that shows a heart.

How Do You Simulate a Digital Twin of the Heart?

In this interview, Thomas Pock from the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision explains what determining the activation sequence of the heartbeat has in common with throwing stones into a lake and how this can soon be learned in a personalised way using ECG data.   Read more 8. February 2024
A man and a woman at a lab.

When the Engine of our Body Falls Ill

The heart lies at the centre of our body. It keeps us alive with its beats and is also known as our “engine”. At TU Graz, our most important muscle is being researched using methods from biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science and mathematics.   Read more 5. February 2024
Screenshot of a computer game in which two avatars are standing in front of some tables.

Awakening an Interest in Programming through Play

Together with the social services provider Jugend am Werk Steiermark, TU Graz has developed a workshop and a multi-user game to introduce young women to programming. The game is now freely available.   Read more 31. January 2024


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