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Planet Research

A robot that looks like a dog walks on a wet road

Through the Eyes of a Robot

Safely entering potentially unsafe areas with a robot from a distance using VR goggles. Eduardo Veas is making this possible at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science at TU Graz.   Read more 6. May 2024
A robot head with a human face

Human Conversations with a Robotic Head

Although Furhat the social robot does not actually wear a fur hat, it has the ability to hold a conversation that appears quite natural in terms of language, facial expressions and gestures. This makes it exciting for research.   Read more 6. May 2024
A robot stands on a miniature football pitch.

‘Things get exciting only in the real world!’

The RoboCup aims to get young people interested in science and technology. Gerald Steinbauer-Wagner explains how the initiative came about and why it remains important even in the age of generative AI.   Read more 6. May 2024


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