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The Capitol in Washington DC at night, surrounded by a social media hologram.

Pioneering research links the increase of misinformation shared by Republican US politicians to a novel perception of honesty

Researchers led by TU Graz unravelled a shift in the way US politicians communicate on social media, which helps explain the proliferation of untrustworthy information.   Read more 25. September 2023
a concrete wall

Circular Economy: Valuable Raw Materials from Waste

Concrete is a mixture of different ingredients – with carbon-intensive cement normally used as a binder for the stone. But researchers at TU Graz are looking into potential alternatives.   Read more 9. August 2023
A schematic representation of a head.

Understanding Human Behaviour with AI

Elisabeth Lex’s research combines computer science methods with social science approaches, searching for clues to understand framing, polarisation and opinion clusters.   Read more 8. August 2023


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