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Mission Statement

The mission statement contains the mission, the vision, the objectives and the USPs of TU Graz.


Mission of TU Graz

  • TU Graz has five internationally renowned Fields of Expertise. It maintains a balanced relationship between knowledge-oriented and application-driven basic research.
  • TU Graz offers a wide range of engineering, scientific and design degree programmes. Building on bachelor’s programmes that focus on fundamental principles, the university places an emphasis on research-led, mostly English-language master’s and PhD programmes.
  • TU Graz offers its students high-quality education, as well as an environment that fosters cooperative learning and teamwork, promotes critical and creative thinking and a sense of responsibility, and sparks a passion for science and business.
  • TU Graz is committed to reaching the targets specified in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The university’s teaching, research and administration contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • TU Graz treats its employees with a high level of respect and supports their personal development.
  • TU Graz is a research and education partner that drives forward innovation, and therefore makes a significant contribution to enhancing the attractiveness and promoting the development of Graz and Styria.
  • TU Graz takes a proactive approach to digital transformation in all parts of the university’s operations.

Vision of TU Graz

  • TU Graz is passionate about shaping the future and instils a passion for science, technology and innovation in others.
  • TU Graz is outward-looking and a magnet for the brightest minds.
  • TU Graz is one of Europe’s top ten universities in its Fields of Expertise.
  • TU Graz provides expertise and knowledge by means of outstanding teaching, using modern and subject-specific teaching methods and technologies.
  • TU Graz is a strategic partner for renowned national and international universities and research institutes, as well as technology-oriented companies.
  • TU Graz enables its students to develop critical and creative personalities, incorporates basic research into market-focused innovation processes, and by doing so creates fertile ground for start-ups.
  • The TU Graz community is international and shaped by a balanced mix of men and women. The strong sense of togetherness among students, employees and graduates is clear to see.
  • TU Graz stands out for the service-oriented management of the university and its efficient and effective organisation.
  • TU Graz capitalises entrepreneurially on the opportunities presented by digitalisation in its research, teaching and administration, as well as in terms of its third mission.
  • TU Graz recognises the need for an effective response to the acute threat to our global climate and for sustainable action in lifestyle and consumption.

Objectives of TU Graz

  1. Attract the brightest minds in Austria and abroad to work at all levels of TU Graz; these people must stand out for their strong commitment to achieving the university’s goals and have cross-cultural skills
  2. Create outstanding conditions for high-quality research and teaching by means of excellent infrastructure and a digitalised working environment
  3. Achieve a leading international position in our Fields of Expertise
  4. Providing excellent teaching, knowledge and expertise as a responsibility of all members of the university
  5. Collaborate closely with selected domestic and international science and business partners
  6. Encourage an outstanding entrepreneurial mindset and start-up activities among students and employees
  7. Play an effective, high-profile role in the community
  8. Achieve a large proportion of women and a high degree of diversity at all levels
  9. Act as a national benchmark for service-oriented university management, and shape digitalisation according to people’s needs


  • A top university for master’s degrees and PhDs with a wide range of English-language programmes
  • Highest proportion of top-level publications in collaboration with businesses
  • Pioneer in terms of digitally supported, inter-university degree programmes
  • International leader in collaboration with business
  • World-class student teams