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Responsible Science

TU Graz relies on an intensive and diverse dialogue and interaction with society. This creates trust and mutual understanding. The goal of Responsible Science is to support science that is open to society and a society that is open to science.

Citizen Science

By offering numerous Citizen Science projects, TU Graz invites fellow citizens to participate in scientific activities and projects.

Science Education

Engagement and science education initiatives at TU Graz for children, adolescents and adults

Science Events

Science meets society at Science Events – get to know and understand one another.

TU Graz is committed to supporting an intensive and responsible dialogue between academicians in the technical and natural sciences and members of civil society. It fulfils its social responsibility in many ways and very consciously. Acceptance and mutual understanding form the basis that allows members of society and science to jointly accept and meet the challenge of the future.

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Citizen Science

Through numerous Citizen Science projects, TU Graz invites all citizens to participate in scientific activities and projects.

Open Reassembly: Swarm Intelligence to Help with Reconstruction of Altar Stone

Researchers from TU Graz and the University of Graz have digitised a broken altar stone from Lavant. The researchers have developed the interactive internet platform “Open Reassembly“, where users can work together to reassemble the digitised fragments of the altar stone. The aim is to achieve what generations of archaeologists have failed to do.

Project website Open Reassembly

Press release

Research on Hail: Come and Join Us!

The HeDi project, which stands for Hail Event Data Interface, is hail research that you can participate in. People from all over Austria can share their observations of thunderstorms via a digital platform with researchers at TU Graz and thus contribute valuable information that helps reduce hail damage.

Project website

Press release (in German)

Sparkling Science: Research and Complex Analysis for our Health – The Apple Microbiome

Which and how many of the microorganisms found on apples are useful or potentially harmful for humans? Young people check out apples from their own garden and study their microbial composition.

The project took place as part of the Sparkling Science research programme and was funded by the BMBWF (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research). Projects in this programme allow researchers to work side by side with young people to address current research questions.

Innovation 4.0: The FabLab at the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation

Austria's largest academic Maker Space in the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation serves as a platform for exchange and networking between the Maker Community and university researchers and teachers. Every Thursday afternoon, ambitious Makers can share their ideas and create designs at TU Graz.

Press release

Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation

Measure Pollen Quickly, Cheaply and Automatically

Researchers at TU Graz have successfully tested a cheap and fully automatic pollen sensor prototype and are now making their knowledge freely available so everyone can use it.

Press release

Science Education

Engagement and science education initiatives at TU Graz for children, adolescents and adults

IT Summer Courses: Tinkering, Building, Programming and (Understanding) Learning

Children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 dive into the world of technology and the natural sciences. The diverse programme of TU Graz summer courses makes this possible.

IT summer courses

Playful Programming with Pocket Code

Develop your own games, produce interactive music videos, program animations and apps – or simply learn how to shape the digital world with the Pocket Code learning tool.

Pocket Code


The iMoox.at platform enables the entire population to access university content. In MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), interested people can learn more about various topics in free online courses.


Children's University Graz

The Kinderuni Graz (Children's University Graz) has been designed to get children excited about science and research. In lectures and workshops, the young audience learns from and experiments with lecturers from the Graz universities.

Kinderuni Graz (in German)

Science Events

Science meets society at Science Events – get to know and understand one another.

Long Night of Research

Every 2 years, TU Graz researchers present their innovative findings and ground-breaking technologies to a wide audience on one evening: the Long Night of Research.

Long Night of Research

Science Slam

Scientists at TU Graz regularly present their current research on stage at the Science Slam Austria in only six minutes, creatively and with a lot of humour. Some of them have already won the Styrian and even the Austrian Science Slam.

Science Slam

TU Graz SciPix

How beautiful is research at TU Graz? We proudly display this beauty in the TU Graz SciPix photo competition. TU Graz employees display the beauty of the scientific work through impressive photos.