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Organisational Basis

TU Graz’s work as an Austrian institution for education and research is based on the University Act and the Statute of TU Graz. The organisational chart shows how the university is structured.

University Act

The University Act (in German: Universitätsgesetzes 2002) summarises regulations on organisational law, study law, university staff and personnel law. Due to the passing of the 2002 University Act, Austrian universities
  • are legal persons governed by public law and with full rights. The act came into force at the beginning of the 2002 academic year and became fully effective at all universities in January 2004.
  • Within the framework of the law, universities are not subject to directives of the federal state and receive a 3-year global budget with a performance-related component. 

Statute of TU Graz

The institutions of the university and how it functions are described in the statute of TU Graz.

The statute consists of the following statute parts:

Available in English

Please note that only the German versions are legally binding.

Available in German

On the suggestion of the Rectorate, the Senate has adopted and changed the statute in accordance with § 19 University Act.

Organisational Chart

The organisational chart provides a clear overview of the organisational structure at TU Graz. See Organisational Chart

Further Bases on the TU4U Intranet

Intellectual Capital Report

The Intellectual Capital Report
  • serves the integrated representation, evaluation and communication of non-material assets and performance processes of the University and their effects;
  • is to be used as a qualitative and quantitative basis for creating the performance agreement as well as for understanding the implementation of the objectives and plans of the performance agreements;
  • includes a narrative representation, key figures and a report on the implementation of the objectives and plans of the performance agreements, and
  • is to be submitted to the Federal Minister via the University Council no later than 30 April of the respective year and to be published in the University Gazette.


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