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Overview: Media Service

The Media Service page contains press releases on current developments involving TU Graz as well as facts and figures and image material in print quality. The Media Service team is the central contact point for journalists, arranges contacts with interview subjects and supports members of TU Graz in their publicity work.
A picture split in the middle with two times the same subject, once in color, once in black and white.

AI Algorithm Puts the Colour Back in Black and White Films

TU Graz has developed an AI-based algorithm that colours black-and-white images realistically. This is particularly interesting for the restoration of historical recordings.

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Communications and Marketing
Media Service
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz, Austria

Barbara GIGLER
Press officer
Phone: +43 316 873 6006
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6006

Susanne FILZWIESER (formaly known as Eigner)
Phone: +43 316 873 4566
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 4566


Mag. (FH)
Phone: +43 316 873 6066
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6066

Group picture with four women and three men.

University Council of TU Graz newly Constituted: Christa Neuper is Chair

In its meeting of 9th March 2023, the University Council of TU Graz elected Christa Neuper to head the important governing body. Deputy chair is Mariana Karepova. Georg List was elected as the seventh member.

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Several children look at a glass structure filled with liquid.

„TU Graz Super Science Space“: A Science Lab for Children and Young People

In the new STE(A)M laboratory at TU Graz, children and young people can experience the world of mathematics, informatics, natural science, art and technology for themselves in a varied and age-appropriate way.

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A woman smiles into the camera.

TU Graz Congratulates Stefanie Lindstaedt on her Election as IDSA Founding President

The head of the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science at TU Graz was designated founding president of the Institute of Digital Science Austria at the founding convention in Linz on Sunday.

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Two hands hold cuboid gray blocks.

New CD lab: Building Material from Residual and Waste Materials

The “CD-Laboratory for waste-based geopolymer construction materials in the CO2-neutral circular economy” is dedicated to the development of building materials based on inorganic industrial waste and secondary raw materials.

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Woman squats on the ground and looks at raised structures on the ground.

How Patterns Emerge in Salt Deserts

The honeycomb patterns which are often found in salt deserts in Death Valley and Bolivia, among other places, look like something from another world. Researchers, including those from TU Graz, explain the origin of the mysterious patterns for the first time.

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A rendered picture of a satellite above a section of the earth

A decade in space: Austria’s first satellite is ten years old

Developed and built at TU Graz, TUGSAT-1 made Austria into a space nation when it was launched into orbit ten years ago.

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Two women and three men smiling in a row

Elected: The Rectorate Team of TU Graz as of 1st October 2023

The University Council of TU Graz has unanimously elected the Rectorate team of the Rector designate, Horst Bischof, in its meeting today. He will be assisted by Andrea Hoffmann, Andrea Höglinger, Michael Monsberger and Stefan Vorbach as of October 2023.

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A few connected symbols in front of a city at sunset.

Algorithm from TU Graz Becomes International Cryptography Standard

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has named the "Ascon" algorithm developed at TU Graz as the international standard for lightweight cryptography.

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Three smiling men stand between to electric vehicles, two of them hold a charging cable

TU Graz and Energie Steiermark Take a Joint Approach to E-Mobility

Start of the largest e-mobility project of the state's energy company: TU Graz and Energie Steiermark are building 200 charging stations for e-cars.

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