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FoE Advanced Material Science

Planet Research

Research in the Field of Expertise Advanced Materials Science aims to improve existing materials and to design them to be lighter, more flexible, cheaper or more robust. The researchers work primarily with materials for the areas of energy technology, electronics, lightweight construction and medical technology in basic and application-oriented research.
A man is standing behind a screen that displays colourful shapes.

TU Graz Researchers Optimize 3D Printing of Optically Active Nanostructures

The shape, size and optical properties of 3-dimensional nanostructures can now be simulated in advance before they are produced directly with high precision on a wide variety of surfaces.   Read more 17. January 2024
A man and a woman hold a certificate in their hands.

Using Giant Magnets to Create Sustainable Batteries

Katharina Hogrefe is conducting research on new materials for batteries at TU Graz and wants to make the widely used energy storage systems a little more environmentally friendly.   Read more 27. December 2023


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