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FoE Advanced Material Science

Planet Research

Research in the Field of Expertise Advanced Materials Science aims to improve existing materials and to design them to be lighter, more flexible, cheaper or more robust. The researchers work primarily with materials for the areas of energy technology, electronics, lightweight construction and medical technology in basic and application-oriented research.
a concrete wall

Circular Economy: Valuable Raw Materials from Waste

Concrete is a mixture of different ingredients – with carbon-intensive cement normally used as a binder for the stone. But researchers at TU Graz are looking into potential alternatives.   Read more 9. August 2023
A man in a lab

New Ceramics for Electronics and Energy Conversion

Jurij Koruza and his team are working on electroceramics that are used in electronic devices. The team is part of a new and highly endowed collaborative research centre led by TU Darmstadt.   Read more 30. May 2023


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