710.100 Mathematical Principles in Vision and Graphics (3 VU, SS)

Lecturer: Friedrich Fraundorfer (fraundorfernoSpam@icg.tugraz.at), Markus Steinberger (steinbergernoSpam@icg.tugraz.at)

Important information for SS 2022

All the lectures are planned to be held in presence. The lectures will be held in i5 and the lecture room should be large enough for all attendees. The lectures will be streamed using Webex. In addition the lecture topics are available as pre-recorded videos.

Course description

This class discusses selected mathematical methods for computer vision, image processing and computer graphics. For each problem, we will cover the problem formulation, the development of mathematical models, and its computation.

Class organization:

During class there will be 3 homework assignments in addition to a final exam. The class grade will be computed from points of the homework assignments and from the final exam.

Course material will be available in the Teach Center folder.

Topics include:

  • Projective geometry
  • Projective geometric algebra
  • Parameterization of rigid transformations
  • Geometry of multi-view camera systems
  • Robust estimation
  • Groebner basis for geometric computer vision problems
  • Mesh Matrix Basics

Assignment schedule:

  • Assignment 1
    • Handout: 16.3.2022
    • Deadline: 3.5.2022
  • Assignment 2
    • Handout: 4.5.2022
    • Deadline:31.5.2022
  • Assignment 3
    • Handout: 1.6.2022
    • Deadline: 21.6.2022



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Slides 2021:

Times and dates:

  • First lecture will be held in presence on the 2.3.2022 from 16:15-17:45 in lecture room i5 (Webex link for joining the stream can be found in the Teach Center Forum).
  • Final exam will be during the last lecture slot 29.6.2022 from 16:15-17:45 as a written exam.


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