Learning, Recognition & Surveillance Group

Our main research focus is on machine learning and object recognition, detection, and tracking.

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Team Members

Horst Possegger

Office:Room E3.09
Website:on github.io

Research interests:Tracking, Detection, Video Analysis
Niloofar Azizi

Office:Room E3.13

Research interests:Graph Neural Networks, Pose Estimation
Christian Fruhwirth-Reisinger

Office:Room E3.11

Research interests:Online Learning, Visual Object Tracking
Nadezda Kirillova

Office:Room E3.13

Research interests:Machine Learning, Object Detection, Tracking and Re-identification
Abhiram Kolli

Office:Room E3.01

Research interests:Adversarial Attacks, RADAR Signal Processing
Georg Krispel

Office:Room E3.10

Research interests:Machine Learning, Scene Understanding
Wei Lin

Office:Room E3.11

Research interests:Machine Learning, Activity Recognition
Dušan Malić

Office:Room E3.09

Research interests:3D Object Detection, Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Jakub Micorek

Office:Room E3.01

Research interests:Machine Learning, Video Analysis, Anomaly Detection
Muhammad Jehanzeb Mirza

Office:Room E3.01

Research interests:Unsupervised Domain Adaptation, Online Learning
David Schinagl

Office:Room E3.10
Website:on github.io

Research interests:Machine Learning, 3D Object Detection, XAI
Johannes Spöcklberger

Office:Room E3.09

Research interests:Active Learning, Online Learning, Federated Learning


Georg Waltner

Currently with SCANTEC
Previous website:/lrs/members/waltner

Research interests:Machine Learning, Activity Recognition, Metric Learning
Michael Opitz

Currently with Amazon
Previous website:/lrs/members/opitz

Research interests:Machine Learning, Detection
Georg Poier

Currently with Reactive Reality
Previous website:/lrs/members/poier

Research interests:Machine Learning, Pose Estimation
Christian Ertler

Currently with mapillary

Previous website:/lrs/members/ertler

Research interests:Machine Learning, Recognition
Patrick Ruprecht

Currently with ivii

Previous website:/lrs/members/ruprecht

Thomas Mauthner

PhD Thesis:Learning Activity Recognition from Weakly Labeled Data

Currently with Efkon

Previous Website:/lrs/members/mauthner
Samuel Schulter (2015)

PhD Thesis:Loss Minimization for Random Forests in Computer Vision

Currently with the Media Analytics group at NEC Labs (Cupertino, CA)
Peter Roth (2013)

Duties:LRS group lead
PhD Thesis:On-line Conservative Learning

Currently with the Computer Vision for Augmented Reality Lab
Sabine Sternig (2013)

PhD Thesis:Scene Specific Object Detection and Tracking

Currently with Amazon
Paul Wohlhart (2013)

PhD Thesis:Object Detection based on Local Evidence

Currently with X, the moonshot factory
Martin Köstinger (2013)

PhD Thesis:Efficient Metric Learning for Real-World Face Recognition

Currently with Amazon
Martin Hirzer (2013)

PhD Thesis:Combining Descriptive and Discriminative Information for Person Re-Identification

Currently with the Computer Vision for Augmented Reality Lab
Martin Godec (2013)

PhD Thesis:Tracking-by-Detection using Randomized Online Ensemble Methods

Currently with Anton Paar GmbH
Inayatullah Khan (2012)

PhD Thesis:Learning from Internet Images for Object Categorization

Amir Saffari (2010)

PhD Thesis:Multi-Class Semi-Supervised and Online Boosting

Currently head of Machine Intelligence at import.io
Christian Leistner (2010)

PhD Thesis:Semi-Supervised Ensemble Methods for Computer Vision

Currently with Amazon
Thuy Nguyen (2009)

PhD Thesis:Object Detection from Aerial Images


Bernhard Zeisl (2009)

Visiting researcher from ETH Zurich