Project Oriented Courses

The Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision presents top relevant and up-to-date topics for project oriented courses. Students are offered the opportunity to work on the latest research questions, get in touch with researchers at the institute and produce relevant results that don't just end up in a drawer. If you are interested in doing a bachelor thesis very efficiently within three months under a one-to-one supervision, please have look on our Summer Bachelor Program!

The information given on this page is valid for the following courses (be aware of different studies and curricula). All courses are held in both winter and summer term, where the registration is possible any time!

  • 710.011 Bachelor Thesis Software Development
  • 710.012 Bachelor Thesis Informatics
  • 710.013 Bachelor Thesis Information and Computer Engineering
  • 717.316 Bachelorprojekt Biomedical Engineering
  • 710.014 Computer Vision Project
  • 710.015 Computer Graphics Project
  • 710.101 Seminar/Project Image Analysis
  • 710.102 Seminar/Project Computer Graphics
  • 710.116 Project
  • 717.012 Master-Praktikum
  • Master thesis

More details including course material, mandatory templates and information for submitting the work can be found in the TeachCenter, which provides a common platform for all of these courses.


  • Final Presentations:
    • Usually every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Please ask your advisor/supervisor to register you for your presentation.

    • Presentation slots are also available during the summer break!

Official Guideline for Project and Thesis Work

Requirements and Overall Conditions

  • You can start your project anytime!
  • After the start, you have six calendar months to complete your project (except master thesis if the supervisor agrees). After this period, your grade will be lowered by one mark for every additional month you spend. Working over holidays is possible and is actually encouraged. The six-month period will start when you explicitly commit to starting (however, you can express your interest in a project earlier).
  • There are six presentation classes per year: October, November, January, March, May and June.
  • To ensure that the scientific standards are known and applied, it is expected that you have attended the seminar “Introduction to Scientific Working” (INH.01023UF) or an equivalent seminar in your particular field of study (e.g, 443.513442.181, 709.009). If you are uncertain about certain styles and procedures, please see the summaries on Scientific Writing and Presentation Techniques provided in the TeachCenter.
  • You are willing to arrange a weekly meeting with your advisor, where you discuss your progress and any questions.
  • You can get a workplace in one of our student rooms or student labs, if you want.
  • It is expected that you can invest enough time for your project to make good progress and finish in one semester. Don’t believe you can do a project on top of a lot of coursework. A master thesis with 30 ECTS corresponds to 15 weeks of ~40h work, a project with 15 ECTS corresponds to 15 weeks x ~20h and so on. Of course, this assumes that you have the necessary skills to make good progress; if you have to plan a lot of learning, it will be more.
  • Page counts and mandatory languages:
    • Bachelor thesis: 15-20 pages, German or English
    • Project report: 15-30 pages, English (!)
    • Master thesis: 40-120 pages, English (!)


Starting the Work

  • Pick a topic and find an advisor and a supervisor. The advisor is the person who is helping you with the day-to-day process on your thesis work. Usually, the advisor is a research assistant. The supervisor is the person who is authorized to sign your grade. Usually, the supervisor is a professor.
  • Ask your advisor to arrange a meeting with the supervisor to present the topic idea.
  • For bachelor thesis or semester project (master project, seminar/project, project computer graphics etc.) - enroll via TUGonline for the right course. If the enrollment period is over (or you are starting in the wrong semester), contact Peter Mohr-Ziak to enroll you. You can start a project anytime - just ask.
  • Write a short (2-page) specification of the project objectives. Every paragraph should be a check-list item to track your progress. This is a contract that will be used to check if you delivered what was agreed, but it is also your insurance that you will not be asked to deliver work that was not agreed upon. The specification can be changed later if it turns out the change is necessary and there is mutual consent between you and the advisor on the change.
  • For master theses: fill in the form from the homepage of the dean’s office. Get it signed by the supervisor and hand it in at the secretariat.
  • For master theses: enroll in the master student seminar (course 710.117). Participation is mandatory at our institute, even if it is not required by your curriculum. The master student seminar is a monthly meeting with other master students and the professors. Within the first two months of the project, you must give an introductory talk there (please schedule the talk with Prof. Friedrich Fraundorfer). After that, you must attend the seminar and briefly report on your progress until completion and give a final presentation when finished the thesis.
  • Sign up on our online project submission system ( Upon registration, an e-mail containing the submission key is automatically sent to the student and the advisor.


Finishing the Work and Deliverables

  • For bachelor theses and projects a final presentation is necessary:
    • If the advisor/supervisor confirms that your project reached the desired stage of completion you can register to one of the six presentation classes per year.
    • Duration is supposed to be 15 minutes for the talk, plus 5 minutes for questions and answers.
  • For master theses, you must give a final presentation in the scope of the in the master student seminar, which can also be seen as a rehearsal for the thesis defense. Note that the dean’s office is responsible for scheduling the dates and does not offer any dates in the summer break (August-September). For the defense, you must pick a committee of three professors. The first is your supervisor, the second may be from our institute, while the third one must come from another institute.
  • To finally grade your work for all kind of projects the advisor has to certify that all material generated during the project has been uploaded to the project submission system. The following files are mandatory deliverables:
    • Report: PDF of the bachelor thesis, project report or master thesis
    • Slides: Final presentation (Powerpoint PPT or PPTX, TeX+PDF)
    • Data: ZIP file (file size limit: 256MB) with source code of implementation and of the report (LaTeX or Word).



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