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Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development Service Department provides support for the employees of TU Graz, helping them add to their professional qualifications, enhance their individual potential and develop their personal and professional skills.

The Human Resource Development Service Department at TU Graz helps its employees meet their current and future job requirements as well as reach their full potential.

For example, there are several interesting initiatives and offers for managers: exchange, coaching, leadership programmes, project management training and much more.


Human Resource Development
Brockmanngasse 29/II
8010 Graz

Mag.phil. MSc
Phone: +43 316 873 6056

Staff can find Further Information

in the intranet TU4U:

Duties of the Service Department Human Resource Development

  • Supports TU Graz employees, promoting their personal and professional development as well as in their career planning through mentoring, coaching, etc.
  • Conception and support of initiatives and offers around the topic of leadership, including after-work leadership forums, leadership programmes, support for leadership in the home office and leadership coaching
  • Development and provision of human resource development tools and related advice (e.g. appraisal interviews, onboarding and exit documents and references)
  • Elaboration of possibilities for career promotion of pre- and post-docs with regard to internal career development as well as preparation for a successful career continuation outside TU Graz
  • Development and organisation of target group-specific further education, information and networking events
  • Accompanying the content-related (further) development of superordinate or strategic topics and instruments relevant to the personnel structure: personnel policy, management principles, scientific personnel model (qualification agreement process)
  • Regular staff surveys: Conception, implementation and evaluation
  • Support in team development, conflict management and moderation