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Internal Auditing

Deviations from the proper procedures, loopholes in procedures and processes, wasteful and inefficient operations - the Internal Auditing Staff Unit finds and helps to eliminate these.

The Internal Auditing Staff Unit is an independent and objective service that provides assessments and consultation to improve the business processes of the TU Graz. It supports the university management in achieving their goals.


Internal Auditing
Mandellstraße 5/EG
8010 Graz   Isabella RIESNER
Phone: +43 316 873 6041


  • Provides independent and objective assessment and consultation
  • Supports university management through analysis, evaluation and assistance to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the management and monitoring processes
  • Supports the further development of internal control systems and the associated audits of compliance and effectiveness
  • Develops proposals to remove and avoid inefficient and uneconomical operations
  • Drafts proposals for improvements in the governance of organisational structures and procedures.
  • Verifies the regularity, economy, efficiency, economy and transparency of internal university processes in all areas of TU Graz as well as checks financial performance in accordance with § 15 para. 1 of the Universities Act
  • Prevents, detects and tracks information and events relevant to compliance or fraudulent and/or damaging business activities
  • Monitors external examiners on-site, coordinates and/or prepares statements that will appear on the reports of the court of auditors