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Management of Professorial Appointments

The Management of Professorial Appointments staff unit handles the appointment procedure of professors at the TU Graz on behalf of the Rector. They provide support for those responsible, so that the process can be carried out in a quick, transparent, fair and professional manner.

The aim is to attract the best scientists to conduct research and teaching at the TU Graz.
  • Appointment Procedure
  • Professorships
    Information on Vacancies for Professorships, the ongoing procedures for professorhips and the currently appointed professorhips is given on this page.

Do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Tomantschger-Stessl if you are interested in an appointment as a professor. She is always happy to provide information about the appointments.


Management of Professorial Appointments
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Head of Management of Professorial Appointments
Phone: +43 316 873 6061

Phone: +43 316 873 6002


  • Provides advice and support to all university institutions involved in the  procedure about the appointment process
  • Information office for (potential) applicants
  • Provides support  to applicants, who have been invited to a negotiation session with the Rector
  • Development and optimisation of concepts, procedural rules, sample texts and guidelines
  • Creates and checks calls for professors on behalf of the Rector
  • Coordination of the international and national calls with the responsible institutions and administrative positions
  • Monitoring of the appointment procedure
  • Provision of support and monitoring during the contract negotiations with the Rector
  • Planning, organisation and monitoring of professorial evaluations with regard to their procedure, particularly the 5-year evaluations 
  • Documentation, archiving and reporting related to the appointment and evaluation procedures
The professorial appointments are related to applications to fill an established post for a university professor Directives related to the appointment procedure for professors

For those interested in a professorship

  • Professorships
    Information on Vacancies for Professorships, the ongoing procedures for professorhips and the currently appointed professorhips is given on this page.

Further Information for Employees of TU Graz via the Intranet TU4U

Appointment Procedure

The TU Graz, as an outstanding university in Graz, strives to attract the best scientists and researchers as university professors. Through the appointments, the TU Graz employs highly-qualified national and international researchers and scientists. The selection procedure is merit-based, transparent and objective.  Go to Vacancies for Professorships 

Legal Bases

During the appointment procedure, the TU Graz fills a position for a university professor according to the University Act of 2002 (Universitätsgesetzes 2002 (UG) 


1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT Each professorship position is publicly advertised in the national and international media and professional networks.

2. EXAMINATION FOR FORMAL REQUIREMENTS A search committee organised by the Senate of the TU Graz (following procedures outlined in § 98 of the UG) or a selection team from the department formed by the Rector (using methods outlined in § 99 of the UG) checks every application to see whether the formal requirements have been met.

3. EXPERTS A (preferably external) expert will be assigned to each application.

4. SELECTION The search committee or the selection team from the department chooses the most appropriate persons on the basis of the expert opinions.

5. INVITATION TO A HEARING The selected candidates will be invited to attend a hearing.

6. HEARING The hearing consists of a public (general) lecture and a specialized lecture as well as a subsequent interview by members of the commission.

7. SEARCH COMMITTEE MEETING TO SUGGEST CANDIDATES FOR THE POSITION After the hearing, the search committee or selection team from the department will create a short list of candidates (at most, 3 people).

8. COMPARATIVE EXPERT OPINIONS Comparative assessments of the 3 selected candidates will be made.

9. RANKING The selection committee or selection team from the department ranks the 3 selected individuals on the basis of the expert opinions. 

10. NEGOTIATIONS The Rector holds a negotiation session with the best candidate. During this session, the research and teaching concepts of the candidate will be matched with the necessary resources and salary.

11. APPOINTMENT The selected candidate is appointed the position of professor. The announcement of the appointment is made in TU Graz Gazette.