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Financial accounting, budgeting, current taxes and financial statements - the Service Department of Finance is responsible for supervising the financial affairs of TU Graz.

The Service Department of Finance manages all the financial affairs of TU Graz and is responsible for liquidity planning and management.


Technikerstraße 4/I
8010 Graz

Mag.rer.soc.oec. MBA

Phone: +43 316 873 6440

Duties of the Service Departement Finance

  • Processing all bills related to material and fixed assets and making the related payment transactions
  • Transacting recurring entries  and making the related payments
  • Managing account statements
  • Managing petty cash transactions
  • Managing credit card transactions
  • Taking care of rebooking orders
  • Preparing the quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Complying with fiscal appointments and specifications, performing correspondence with the tax authority and tax consulting
  • Taking care of budgetary matters related to the global budget
  • Liquidity planning and management
  • Processing payments for the administrative orders  as a trustee

TU Graz staff can find more information in the intranet TU4U.