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Buildings and Technical Support

TU Graz is located in buildings divided across 3 campuses, with a total floor space of about 240,000 m2. The infrastructure of the buildings has to meet the requirements of research and teaching. As TU Graz grows, new buildings continue to be constructed, and existing buildings are extended and modernised. Cleanliness and pleasant outdoor spaces also play an important role in making the campus attractive.  

The Buildings and Technical Support Service Department ensures that the infrastructure reflects the needs of the university, implements health and safety measures in the workplace and in study areas, creates outside areas for socialising, provides a bike service station and organises vouchers for Graz Linien public transport.
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Buildings and Technical Support 
Inffeldgasse 31
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6550
Fax: +43 316 873 6552

Alexandra KAINZ
Head of Buildings and Technical Support
Phone: +43 316 873 6143

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Tasks of the Service Departement Buildings and Technical Support

  • Ensuring that rooms, infrastructure and furnishings are of a high quality
  • Designing outside spaces and facilities, the information centre, signage, and general purpose areas
  • Spatial management
  • Organising and realising preventative measures to ensure the safety of people at TU Graz; optimising the quality of the workplace.
  • Defining guidelines incl. implementation checks for: fire safety, building renovation, safety issues, workplace evaluations, ergonomic workplace design
  • Ensuring efficient use of available funds, developing measures to increase efficiency
  • Creating technical concepts for adaptation of infrastructure and renovation
  • Implementation of TU Graz mobility concept Parking controls, cycle routes, outdoor social areas, etc.
  • Supporting organisational units when moving and furnishing rooms
  • Coordinating cleaning of rooms and outside areas as well as waste removal