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Staff Policy

The people at TU Graz play a crucial rule in enabling us to continue to position ourselves successfully in the competitive international field of education and science, and in allowing us to help shape the future of the world in a positive way. The Rectorate therefore supports the following positions in personnel policies:

We see our colleagues as a central factor of success

Appreciation, respect, tolerance and equal opportunities

Particularly important pillars of our activities are appreciation, respect, tolerance and equal opportunities. We constantly strive to live out these values in our management work as well as in our daily interactions, thus laying the groundwork for a TU Graz that focuses just as much on people as it does on achievement.

Trust as the basis of maximum freedom

TU Graz trusts its employees and encourages them to take up responsibility and to think in an entrepreneurial manner. This is the foundation of intellectual freedom and diversity as well as interdisciplinary cooperation.

A dependable, attractive employer

We constantly work to ensure that TU Graz continues to be a dependable and attractive employer. A balance between tasks, competences, responsibility and support for our staff to help them to successfully combine work and private life means that work satisfaction levels are high, encouraging our staff to stay with us long-term.

We push for information and communication

Walking the same path together

We communicate our mission and vision passionately and encourage our staff to embrace them too, as well as to do their best to pursue agreed goals and to be a loyal representative of TU Graz both inside and outside of the university.

Dialogue and constructive exchange

We work hard to provide our staff with information about decisions, developments at the university and news using different communication channels. We also encourage dialogue and are open to discussions. We expect our colleagues to take the initiative and seek out information. Constant, constructive exchange amongst colleagues, but also with our students and partners in business and cooperation ventures, provides a sound foundation for our day-to-day work.

Feedback culture

Constructive feedback is particularly helpful and valuable, because it enables us to learn and develop. We take feedback seriously and expect all staff members to take the same approach.

We support internationality and diversity

An international perspective

The international focus of TU Graz encourages university members to be open to and interested in other cultures. It helps them to adopt a global perspective and embrace the resulting advantages of diverse approaches. We therefore believe in the importance of strongly encouraging internationalisation.

Diversity as a valuable resource

We see diversity as a source of creativity and innovation. To make this a reality we need to respect and make use of different experiences as well as diverse ways of thinking.

We see personnel management as a highly important key task

Our understanding of managerial tasks

We expect our managerial staff to set an example and to drive the development and implementation of strategic aims as part of their responsibilities, in addition to performing their current operative managerial tasks. This means gradually transforming departmental targets for successive levels of the hierarchy, to eventually arrive at concrete actions. This includes holding appraisal interviews and establishing goals together with employees.

Demanding and encouraging achievement

We believe in an achievement-focussed university culture and make high quality achievement transparent, for example, using reference numbers, the Knowledge Survey, evaluations and auditing. Our managerial staff in particular need to embrace and support this culture. A focus on achievement also demands continual personnel development on all levels. All managerial staff need to take care of personnel development in their area, making space for it and actively implementing tools from human resource development and management.