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Strategy and Organizational Development

TU Graz is characterized by its high-calibre basic research, applied research and research-oriented teaching, which makes it a powerful and reliable partner in scientific and industrial cooperation. TU Graz is committed to continuous, positive development.

The Staff Unit of Strategy and Organizational Development is working to develop and improve the performance of TU Graz, supervises strategic processes and supports the achievement of the strategic objectives.


Strategy and Organizational Development
Brockmanngasse 29/II
8010 Graz

Andreas DRUMEL
Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Phone: +43 316 873 6070


  • Supporting the development and application of mission statements (analyses, benchmarking, vision and mission work, etc.) and strategic goals
  • Supporting strategic processes and organisational development processes on the university level as a whole, as well as in the faculties, institutes, and organisational units, and supporting the consultation processes
  • Moderating workshops on topics, projects, and initiatives relevant to strategic or organisational development
  • Carrying out development planning (including communicating with the Federal Ministry and monitoring all development plan changes)
  • Carrying out organisational planning (structuring the organisational plan, organigram, organisational units, departments, working groups, etc.)
  • Finalising performance agreements with the federal government: preparing the performance agreement with federal government; monitoring the negotiations and related discussions with the ministry, including monitoring the implementation of the agreement; managing annual reporting as part of the intellectual capital report
  • Finalising internal target agreements: on the rector’s level (faculties) and monitoring the agreements on the dean’s level (heads of institutes)
  • Further developing and professionalising the performance and target agreement system in the context of the overall Federal Ministry - University - Faculties/Rectorate - Service Departments and Staff Units - Working Groups/Departments - Staff
  • Strategic projects: Monitoring and reporting to the University Council and Senate.
  • Performing strategy, target/performance agreement monitoring
  • Optimising the organisational structure (structural level) and the process organisation (process level)
  • Monitoring the development and implementation of new and/or superordinate initiatives and projects (e.g. sustainability/climate/energy, cooperation, sustainable development goals of the United Nations)
  • Supporting/carrying out the continuous improvement process, e.g. CIP workshops, ideas, and best practices
  • Serving as a contact person for the Rectorate with respect to the TU Graz Sustainability Advisory Board
  • Supporting TU Graz-wide system audits and faculty evaluations