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TU Graz Scholarships for Bachelor's Students

Within the framework of the TU Graz 100 programme, TU Graz and the City of Graz award scholarships to talented and motivated students.

Currently no application possible.


Statements from previous scholarship holders

As a TU Graz 100 scholarship holder, I benefit not only from the generous financial support I receive, which enables me to focus on my studies from the very beginning, but also from the appreciation and professional advice from my scholarship providers, which motivates me every day to continue to continue to improve in my studies.

Lilian Bruss, Bachelor's Programme in Biomedical Engineering

The scholarship award motivates me in every respect. On the one hand, the financial support is enormously helpful and has enabled me to ensure that I have the best possible equipment even before I start my studies. On the other hand, it shows that performance and commitment are really appreciated, which is highly inspiring and a great incentive for my further studies.

Alexander Drexel, Bachelor's Programme in Civil Engineering Sciences and Construction Management

In addition to the financial support, the scholarship also motivates me to reach my highest potential during my studies. It made it possible for me to get the best technical equipment for studying. I also find that the mentoring provides a very good opportunity to get professional advice.

Era Troshani, Bachelor's Programme in Biomedical Engineering

This scholarship gave me the opportunity to study at TU Graz in Austria. This is not only a successful educational institution, but also an authoritative scientific centre and one of the best technical universities in Europe.

Andrii Babkin, Bachelor's Programme in Software Engineering and Management

The TU Graz 100 Scholarship programme gives me the opportunity to focus all my energy on my studies from the get-go. Thanks to the generous financial support, I can work hard to achieve my dreams and really give my all in my studies. The programme also gives me the chance to get help from a competent subject mentor when I need to make academic decisions.

Anna Magdalena Schlegl, Bachelor's Programme in Chemistry