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ATCOLD Scholarships

Within the framework of the TU Graz 100 programme, ATCOLD and TU Graz award scholarships for talented and motivated students.


The "AusTrian National COmmittee on Large Dams" (ATCOLD) contributes to the safe, reliable and economic construction and operation of dams by supporting engineering education and the formulation of regulations, as well as through international cooperation in the ICOLD (International COmmission on Large Dams).

Dams with reservoirs can immediately and efficiently be used to store and generate electrical energy. Thus, they play an essential role in the use of energy from renewable but volatile sources such as wind and photovoltaics.

Reservoirs store drinking water and water that is used to irrigate agricultural land, while the dams that retain this water provide extra protection for the population against floods.

Application deadline: 15 March 2024

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Quick Facts

  • Master's scholarships for: students in Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Funding and duration:
    The maximum amount of the Master's scholarships is € 16,000. These are paid out in instalments of € 4,000 per semester over a period of two years upon proof of success.
  • Additional benefits: Individual consultation and advice from mentoring academic staff members at TU Graz.


Statements from previous scholarship holders

The ATCOLD scholarship made it possible for me to study at TU Graz. The career mentorship opportunity also offers me a great advantage, as I would like to pursue a career in hydraulic engineering and specifically focus on the aspects of designing, constructing, and maintaining hydraulic structures for power generation.

Odufa Anna Oguah-Oshoke, Master's Programme in Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering