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Federation of Styrian Industries Scholarships

The Federation of Styrian Industries (Industriellenvereinigung Steiermark) supports talented and motivated students, preferably from South Eastern Europe, so that they can fully develop their skills in the fields of computer science and robotics regardless of their personal financial circumstances or limitations.

Federation of Styrian Industries

The purpose of the Federation of Styrian Industries is to represent the interests of the Styrian industries and thus to be both an initiator and a partner for forward-looking social and economic policy strategies and decisions.

The aim of the Federation of Styrian Industries is to create an exemplary industrial society that ensures a sustainably good quality of life and thus prosperity not only for its members, but for all people in Styria. The main focus lies on three subject areas that form the basis of understanding the future: EDUCATION - INNOVATION - INVESTMENT.

The Federation of Styrian Industries considers education as the most precious asset and the most secure basis for value creation in the future. Only education creates the qualifications that lead to excellence and, as a result, to innovation.

Application deadline: 15 March 2024

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Statements from previous scholarship holders

The scholarship offers me the financial security to concentrate on my Master's programme. I also have the chance to come into direct contact with the Styrian industries. I would advise people of a similar academic background (and/or similar nationality) to apply for a scholarship, as it is a good starting point for your further professional development in Austria.

Besjana Jaçaj, Master Computer Science

This scholarship ensures stability for my Master's programme, seamlessly blending academia with the industry and aligning with my career goals. Pursuing it allows me to dedicate myself fully to studies, while being supported by the industry. I hope to join the Federation of Styrian Industries post-graduation, thus creating an optimal environment for both my academic and professional advancement.

Tijana Bisenić, Master Computer Science

Being awarded the scholarship gives me the opportunity to increase my knowledge in my chosen field of study without having to worry about financial security. This gives me an even higher motivation to become a leader and professional in the industrial sector of Styria.

Jelena Karan, Master's Programme in Information and Computer Engineering

By receiving the scholarship, I possess a secure financial background that allows me to entirely focus on my studies and pursue the technologies of my interest.
I am fortunate to have a connection with the IV Steiermark as I imagine my professional career in the industrial sector of Steiermark.

Csongor Hegedüs, Master's Programme in Software Engineering and Management