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Federation of Styrian Industries Scholarships

The Industriellenvereinigung Steiermark (Federation of Austrian Industries, Styrian Section) and TU Graz are investing in young talents from South East Europe to allow them to develop their IT and robotics skills – regardless of personal financial situations or conditions – to the full.

Federation of Styrian Industries

The Federation of Styrian Industries scholarships encourage talented and motivated students preferably from South East Europe. Emphasising information technology, the scholarships are intended for the international master’s degree programmes in Computer Science, Information and Computer Engineering and Software Engineering and Management.

Currently no application possible.


Statements from previous scholarship holders

Being awarded the scholarship gives me the opportunity to increase my knowledge in my chosen field of study without having to worry about financial security. This gives me an even higher motivation to become a leader and professional in the industrial sector of Styria.

Jelena Karan, Master's Programme in Information and Computer Engineering

By receiving the scholarship, I possess a secure financial background that allows me to entirely focus on my studies and pursue the technologies of my interest.
I am fortunate to have a connection with the IV Steiermark as I imagine my professional career in the industrial sector of Steiermark.

Csongor Hegedüs, Master's Programme in Software Engineering and Management

The scholarship gives me the freedom to organize my studies, dedicate time to personal projects and strengthens my motivation to become a better leader and professional in my field of study independently of the financial matters. It also enables me to establish a great network of connections with all companies of interest that are part of the Federation of Styrian Industries.

Lisbora Likaj, Master's Programme in Software Engineering and Management