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Energie Steiermark Scholarships

Within the framework of the TU Graz 100 programme, Energie Steiermark and TU Graz award scholarships for talented and motivated students.

Energie Stiermark

As one of the largest service providers in Austria, Energie Steiermark focusses on energy efficiency and innovative service offers in the areas of electricity, natural gas, heating and mobility. More than 1,800 employees devote their experience and expertise to providing fair service to around 600,000 customers in Austria and abroad. How is the energy generated? We rely exclusively on renewable energy from water, wind, solar and biomass. We are the energy of Styria, and your partner in creating a greener world! www.e-steiermark.com

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Energie Steiermark offers specialised and unusual fields of employment. Even students in a relevant field of study may not know much about these fields (e.g. telecontrol and control technology)!

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Geisler, BSc, Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering

If you can get to know a company while studying, it becomes much easier to make decisions after graduating. More than ten percent of the IT team at Energie Steiermark started working there while studying. The job opportunities and developments in IT speak for themselves.

Dipl.-Ing. Klemens Sudi, BSc, Master's Programme in Software Engineering and Management

Scholarships and internships make it possible to get to know the company's fields of activity and culture. Often one does not guess what jobs Energie Steiermark offers. As a TOP employer in Austria, the company not only offers valuable financial support, but also individual employment and training opportunities to accompany your studies.

Dipl.-Ing. Horst Paar, BSc, Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering and Business

Statements from previous scholarship holders

The connection with my scholarship provider gives me the chance to already learn more about different fields of activity during my studies. In turn, this helps me to plan and predict my career path more effectively.

Caterina Boulgaropoulos, Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science