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Applied Leadership in the Digital Transformation

This unique university course provides theoretical and practical knowledge about current and proven management processes and leadership approaches. In this course, the challenges that are facing managers who need to control and shape digital ecosystems, digital business models, or transfer phases in their companies are discussed.

The Theresian Military Academy has been training managers since 1752. Many officers are also highly successful leaders in the private sector. Through this cooperation with the Theresian Military Academy, many years of management and leadership expertise can be shared with those in the civilian and private sectors.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Next course start: 2025
  • Course dates: tbd 
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Quick Facts

  • Duration: 125 hours
    • Online phase (e-learning): 1.5 ECTS
    • In-presence phase (3 attendance days): 1.5 ECTS
    • Transfer phase with in-presence block (3 attendance days) and preparation of a transfer project or reflection report: 2 ECTS
  • Certificate: TU Graz confirmation of participation
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Participation fees: 2,500 Euro (VAT-free)
  • Course location: TU Graz and Wiener Neustadt


The step-wise structure (three phases) enables comprehensive theoretical and practical continuing education and an in-depth study of the topics of management and leadership:

Phase 1: Knowledge acquisition in the online phase

In the online phase, essential and fundamental information on the topics of management and leadership will be provided. This phase addresses the question of how management/leadership should be handled in the context of the digital transformation.

Phase 2: Deepening of knowledge during the in-presence phase

The in-presence phase with a three-day workshop has been designed to encourage participants to reflect on themselves as a manager and to understand the personal dynamics of the topic of management/leadership and, above all, to experience these by performing practical exercises and tasks.

Phase 3: Knowledge transfer

The transfer phase also features an in-presence block. In this phase, the focus is directed toward group dynamic processes. The participants are encouraged to reflect on their function, position and role as a manager by performing actionable tasks and exercises. The goal is to apply these management activities to develop individual tools for the individual field of activity.

After completing the university course, participants will be able to view their own management behaviour from a meta-level, to more clearly understand how groups/teams can be managed using various models that are introduced in the course and, as a result, to modify their own management behaviour more purposefully and effectively.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

The university course Applied Leadership in the Digital Transformation has been developed especially for both aspiring managers and managers with many years of experience who want to reflect upon and increase their leadership skills.

For this reason, the university course is recommended for managers from all industries.

The prerequisite for admission to this university course is submission of proof of several years or initial management and/or leadership experience (e.g. in projects, as a manager, head of department).

From my point of view, the continuing education cooperation between TU Graz and the Theresan Military Academy (MILAK) has been an extremely successful one. The university course is one of a kind in Austria as it combines leadership and management topics from the civilian sector with comprehensive practical knowledge from the military management sector. For me personally, the course was extremely enriching, not only professionally but also privately. I have already been able to successfully master some game changing challenges thanks to the true-to-life practical skills and knowledge I learned from TU Graz and MILAK. I am already looking forward to a further cooperation between TU Graz and MILAK.

Leading means: ensuring survival. Regardless of whether it is the survival of an economic enterprise or a combat unit. To ensure survival, you need people who make decisions well ahead of time, even though all of the necessary information that is need for decision-making are not available at that time. These decisions always have consequences. And, in turn, someone has to answer for these decisions – usually the very person who made the decision. Today's managers have to be even more aware of this responsibility than ever.

Future Career Options

  • as intra- and entrepreneurs
  • employed as a manager in an SME or large company (branch-independent)

The course content, which includes sophisticated implementation exercises in the military environment, has not only had a lasting effect on my personal understanding of leadership, but also on my day-to-day activities at work (both online and offline). The lecturers and coaches are outstanding professionals, and the opportunities to collaborate as well as exchange ideas with colleagues complement the course perfectly. The course is not only informative…. it’s also fun! This is how to successfully transform responsible leadership in the digital age!



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