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Advanced Digital Technologies

Advanced Digital Technologies

We live in the digital age. Therefore, is has become critically necessary for companies that want to establish and maintain themselves in future markets to understand and use digital technologies. But which technologies really make sense to use in one's own company or in individual business areas?

In this module/microcredential, you will receive an overview of both established and future digital technologies, their maturity levels, and the implications of their use. These include Artificia  Intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity technologies. By performing exercises and examining case studies, you will learn how to assess the potential of these respective technologies and evaluate whether they make sense to apply in your own company.The   course concludes with a transfer project. Here, you will have the chance to determine possible applications of the technologies presented, e.g. in your company or in individual company departments.


  • Localisation of technology
  • Digital technologies
  • Case studies
  • Uses of technology and impact assessments, transfer project

Teaching and learning methods

This course takes place in 3 phases:

Online phase: In the online phase, you will acquire basic knowledge through self-study. This acquisition takes place by reading a variety of articles, literature on the topic, viewing learning videos, and taking advantage of other small learning offers. You can choose when and where you learn. The TU Graz "TeachCenter" learning platform makes it possible for you to ask questions of and exchange information with lecturers and other course participants. 

Before the online phase begins, a synchronous online session (e.g. with Webex) will be held with the lecturer, providing you with an easy introduction to the contents of the modules. Every week, a synchronous online session with the lecturer is offered, enabling you to reflect on the content and to clarify any questions that remain through a direct exchange process.

Attendance phase: Based on the online phase, you will deepen your knowledge in course units by receiving personal support from experts on site. The knowledge you have learned is discussed, reflected upon, further deepened, and applied in the context of case study examples. Students who cannot be on site for professional reasons can participate in the courses via an online conference system (e.g. with Webex).

Transfer phase: This phase takes place either individually or in a team. Here, you will apply the knowledge you have learned to find solutions to questions and problems from your company context. During this phase, you will also receive support from experts.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Start date: 22 April 2024
  • Registration deadline: 15 April 2024
  • Course dates:
    Online phase:
    22.04.24 – 24.05.24
    Attendance phase: 29.05.24 – 31.05.24
    Transfer phase: 03.06.24 – 28.06.24

Quick Facts

  • Duration: approx. 9 weeks
  • ECTS credits: 5
  • Degree: Certificate from Graz University of Technology
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Participation fees: 1,500 euros (VAT-free), but these fees do not include travel, accommodation and catering costs.
  • Course location: TU Graz and online

Target group

This course has been designed for

  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Business economists

The course is particularly suitable for specialists from the sectors

  • Industry, R&D
  • Consulting Services
  • Trade and logistics
  • Energy industry
  • Marketing & IT

No initial academic training is required to attend this course.


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