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FoE Human & Biotechnology

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Researchers in the Field of Expertise Human & Biotechnology are developing apparatus and methods for medical applications and use enzymes and living microorganisms in technical applications. Research results are channelled into medicine, environmental technology, industry and agriculture, thus benefitting society.

Zwei Wasserstoffatome.

Hydrogen: Electricity Storage of the Future?

If our energy system is to become more eco-friendly, there is no way to avoid hydrogen as an energy carrier. Researchers around the world are certain of this.   Read more 8 December 2020
Eine Zeichnung von Karin Stana Kleinschek. Im Hintergrund ist ein schematisches Labor zu sehen.

“Nature can do easily what our researchers cannot do.”

Karin Stana Kleinschek has dedicated her professional life to the question of how materials can be produced from renewable resources and made degradable or recyclable.   Read more 29 May 2020


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