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FoE Human & Biotechnology

Planet Research

Researchers in the Field of Expertise Human & Biotechnology are developing apparatus and methods for medical applications and use enzymes and living microorganisms in technical applications. Research results are channelled into medicine, environmental technology, industry and agriculture, thus benefitting society.

Gabriele Berg. Sie trägt braune Haare und eine Brille und steht in einem Labor.

The microbiome: Our planet’s tiny engine

We carry through life around two kilograms of microorganisms on and inside ourselves. TU Graz researcher Gabriele Berg explains why this is more vital than frightening.   Read more 5. November 2019
Drei Personen blicken in die Kamera. Links eine Frau mit braunen Haaren, weißem T-Shirt und einer Brille. In der MItte ein Mann mit braunen Haaren, einem grauen Pullover und einer Brille. Rechts eine Frau mit braunen Haaren, einem Haarband und einer bunten Bluse.

Young Skin Thanks to Sugar

Since the EU sugar quota was liberalised, the market price is low, and sugar stocks are full. An international team has been conducting research on how sucrose can be valorized on an industrial scale.   Read more 16. April 2019


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