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The Mathematics of Separate Things

Discrete mathematics is so much more than just “the language of computer science”, as it is often referred to. But it is not “discrete” in the usual sense.   Read more 8. November 2022
Portrait of Andreas Wimmer

Andreas Wimmer: "Import of green energies necessary"

Andreas Wimmer conducts research on large engines at TU Graz and heads the LEC research center. Hydrogen, methanol and ammonia will play a central role in achieving climate targets.   Read more 7. November 2022
Sonja Wogrin, Image source: Lunghammer - TU Graz

“The Crucial Question: Where Does the Hydrogen Come From?”

Sonja Wogrin and Thomas Klatzer are exploring ways towards a climate-neutral energy system, which will require green hydrogen. To establish it, good infrastructure planning is needed.   Read more 27. October 2022


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