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a concrete wall with a green plant in front of it

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a widely used building material. It is durable, robust and locally available. And it has a reputation for not being very sustainable. Experts from TU Graz explain what concrete is and how it can become (more) sustainable.   Read more 7. April 2022
Gabriele Berg. Sie trägt braune Haare und eine Brille und steht in einem Labor.

The microbiome: Our planet’s tiny engine

We carry through life around two kilograms of microorganisms on and inside ourselves. Award-winning TU Graz researcher Gabriele Berg explains why this is more vital than frightening.   Read more 14. March 2022
A woman with headphones around her neck sits in front of computer screens running video games.

Johanna Pirker: “The quota is important right now for a fairer, more diverse world”

She was on the Forbes list of the most interesting “30 under 30” and wants to give technology a female face. TU Graz researcher Johanna Pirker on rational decisions, women’s quotas and careers.   Read more 8. March 2022


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