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Zwei TU Graz-Forscher vor einem überdimensional großen Bildschirm

5G: Test innovative 5G ideas at TU Graz

Transfering much larger amounts of data faster over mobile networks – that's what the 5G mobile communications standard promises. Researchers are testing new applications for industrial use at smartfactory@tugraz.   Read more 4. February 2021
Zwei Männer in einem Labor.

How to Build a Test Bed

Researchers use test beds to test a variety of components for structural durability and behaviour. But there is often no suitable infrastructure on the market. How do researchers deal with this?   Read more 1. February 2021
Drei junge Männer.

Power grid: Stormy danger for the power grid

Electricity is omnipresent in our lives. So omnipresent that we no longer even consciously perceive it. Except when it's suddenly gone and we're aimlessly searching for a torch.   Read more 23. December 2020


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