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Mann in Labormantel mit Glaskolben

Breaking down stubborn cellulose in time lapse

Researchers at TU Graz in Austria have for the first time ever succeeded in visualizing at the single-molecule level the processes involved in a biological nanomachine, known as the cellulosome, as it degrades crystalline cellulose. The fundamental insights thus obtained could support sustainable...   Read more 20. May 2020
Detaildarstellung einer Maschine

LED instead of laser or electron beam: New technology revolutionizes 3D metal printing

A technology developed at Graz University of Technology uses LED instead of laser sources for the additive manufacturing of metal parts and optimizes 3D metal printing in terms of construction time, metal powder consumption, equipment costs and post-processing effort.   Read more 30. April 2020
Die Arbeitsgruppe von Oswin Aichholzer steht in einem Büro. Vor ihnen sind zwei Bildschirm mit mathematischen Zeichnungen zu sehen.

In search of the foundations of discrete mathematics

Oswin Aichholzer does basic research – he doesn’t invent, he discovers. The theoretical computer scientist is on the trail of basic mathematical rules which he can model and teach the computer.   Read more 8. April 2020


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