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Zwei Smartphones mit TU Graz-Inhalten am Display

Summer heat and mobile phone batteries: Tips and info

Battery expert Martin Wilkening from TU Graz knows how much sun mobile phone batteries can tolerate, what exactly happens in the event of a battery fire and how best to keep a mobile phone cool in summer.   Read more 30 July 2020
Zwei Frachtschiffe am Wasser.

Shipping: Making the blue ocean greener

Even without living directly by the sea, researchers at TU Graz and the LEC are concerned about the environmental compatibility of merchant shipping and are researching wind and hydrogen-powered ships.   Read more 13 July 2020
Markus Tranninger und Andrea Pferscher stehen unter einem Baum in der Inffeldgasse.

Young researchers making the Internet of Things safer

She investigates black-box-systems, while he predicts the state of networked systems. Andrea Pferscher and Markus Tranninger are two of 11 young researchers in the TU Graz project "Dependable Things".   Read more 24 June 2020


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