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Planet Research

Ein blonder Mann, der eine Plastikabbildung eines Schädels in der Hand hält.

Rerouting the Function of the Hand

The MoreGrasp project is coming to an end and has provided substantial results. The mental control of neuroprostheses can be considerably simplified in the future with the help of reprocessed brain signals.   Read more 17. September 2018
Zwei Finger halten eine Glasplatte auf der ein weißes Quadrat balanciert.

Battery-driven research at TU Graz

Batteries are a broad field of research. Energy storage systems of the future should be more powerful, more environmentally friendly, smaller and even safer – work is being done on this at TU Graz.   Read more 12. September 2018
Ein Mann im weißen Hemd lehnt an einem Bücherregal mit vielen bunten Büchern.

The world of gas bubbles and liquid drops

Günter Brenn investigates the behaviour of gas bubbles and liquid drops. His work is especially important in process engineering.   Read more 24. August 2018


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