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Eine schematische Darstellung eines Mikrochips.

Electronics Based Systems: The Basis for our Future

Electronics-based systems have long since found their way into our everyday lives. Consciously in the form of new technical gadgets and unconsciously in the form of embedded systems.   Read more 27. May 2020
Eine Zeichnung von Karin Stana Kleinschek. Im Hintergrund ist ein schematisches Labor zu sehen.

“Nature can do easily what our researchers cannot do.”

Karin Stana Kleinschek has dedicated her professional life to the question of how materials can be produced from renewable resources and made degradable or recyclable.   Read more 29. May 2020
Elmar Pichl übergibt Ralph Stöckl eine Urkunde.

"I want to bring neural networks to building sites"

TU Graz PhD student Ralph Stöckl is working with artificial intelligence to predict events in construction. The goal is to take the construction industry a big step forward with neural networks.   Read more 25. May 2020


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