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Planet Research

Ein oranger Roboterarm druckt gewundene Schnüre aus Beton auf eine Holzplatte.

Coebro: 3D-Printers Learn to Build Houses

Many things today can be produced simply, fast and cheaply using a 3D printer: jewelry, small components and even prototypes. Printing complete houses is still a long way off. For the moment, at least.   Read more 22. February 2019
eine blaue Weltkugel, zwei Hände mit geöffneten HAndflächen und viele Symbole, die das Internet der Dinge zeigen

Dependability in the Internet of Things

Kay Römer estimates that 50 billion smart things will be connected by 2020. Since 2015 the scientist and his team have been making sure that smart devices reliably do what they are supposed to do.   Read more 8. February 2019
Eine junge Frau sitzt auf einem schwarzen Ledersessel vor einem Gang. Sie hat die Beine übereinandergeschlagen und schaut direkt in die Kamera. In der Hand hat sie mehrere Papierbögen.

Cryptographer with a penchant for crayons

Cryptographer Maria Eichlseder hides our messages from curious eyes that shouldn’t read them. With her love of paper she defies the classical image of a computer scientist.   Read more 12. February 2019


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