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A pictorial representation of the coronavirus.

TU Graz: Research on the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has also left its mark on TU Graz. Numerous works from different disciplines contribute to the fight against Covid-19 and a better understanding of it.   Read more 15. December 2021
Portraits of Matthias Wolf, Birgit Wassermann and Sebastian Bock.

Award-Winning Research: Microbiomes, Hydrogen and Exoskeletons

Birgit Wassermann is conducting research on microbiomes, Sebastian Bock on hydrogen and Matthias Wolf on exoskeletons. Coming from diverse disciplines, all three won the Technology and Society Forum’s Sponsorship Awards.   Read more 6. December 2021
Several small plants in black soil.

How Can We Counter the Climate Crisis?

The clear answer at TU Graz is by diverse research and green innovations. And this is exactly how the University is working for a more sustainable future.   Read more 12. October 2021


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