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Degree Completion Scholarship for Working Students

TU Graz is awarding a degree completion scholarship aimed to provide financial support to working students facing tuition fees to help them finish their degree programmes.

All students of bachelor’s, master’s, diploma and doctoral programmes at TU Graz who are either self-employed or employed, and meet the requirements, may apply for a scholarship of 500 euros per semester.


  • Obligation to pay tuition fees (having exceeded the tolerance semesters),
  • valid registration to the degree programme through payment of tuition fee,
  • employment (proof of income),
  • completion of two-thirds of the degree programme, and
  • applicants must have studied during the semester preceding the date of application.
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Amount of the scholarship

The degree completion scholarship pays 500 euros per semester and student.

Maximum period of entitlement:

  • for a diploma programme: 4 semesters
  • for a bachelor’s programme lasting six or eight semesters: 4 semesters
  • for a master’s programme lasting four semesters: 2 semesters
  • for a doctoral programme lasting six semesters: 4 semesters

Who is entitled to apply?

Following degree students studying at TU Graz are entitled to apply for the Scholarship:

  • citizens of an EU member state or an EEA member state, or
  • citizens of states whom Austria is obliged by international treaty to grant the same rights as Austrian citizens regarding access to a profession, or
  • those belonging to groups of persons in accordance with the Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons, or
  • those from third countries who possess a residence permit other than for students as specified under § 64 of the Settlement and Residence Act (NAG).

How to apply

The scholarship can be applied for every semester as follows:

Application period winter semester: 1 October to 10 December
Application period summer semester: 1 March to 10 May

Fill in the application form and send it together with a proof of income and the residential registration (Meldezettel) to TU Graz Registrar's Office within the above application periods: Application form (in German). You have to submit the form in person, by post or by email (only with digital signature: Mobile Phone Signature (Handy-Signatur) or Austrian Citizen Card (Bürgerkarte)).

Please note that any supplements must be submitted no later than 14 days upon written request. Incomplete applications or applications with missing documents will not be taken into consideration for the scholarship after the application period has ended. Applications for payment of the scholarship may only be made once per semester and student and for one degree programme.

Applicants will be notified by the TU Graz Registrar's Office that their application has been dealt with.

Proof of income

Applicants are required to submit proof of a gross income above the so-called marginal earnings threshold up to the twofold sum of the marginal earnings threshold in the calendar year preceding the date of application. Accordingly, the income limits are:

  • for application 2021: gross income in the calendar year 2020 between Euro 6,449.24 and Euro 12,898.48
  • for application 2022: gross income in the calendar year 2021 between Euro 6.662,04 und Euro 13.324,08


Required proof of income (for the calendar year preceding the date of application):

  • income tax assessment of that calendar year preceding the beginning of the relevant semester and showing the gross income, or
  • tax files (+ detailed view*) of that calendar year preceding the beginning of the relevant semester and showing the gross income from FinanzOnline, or
  • affirmation (affidavit) from the student’s tax accountant should he or she be self-employed, or
  • notification concerning the rateable value of agricultural property if the student is a farmer.


* A click on "employer" in FinanzOnline leads to the detailed view.

Proof of study-related achievements and on-going activity

Applicants need to supply proof of the following study-related achievements:

  • Diploma programme: at least 160 ECTS, whereby in the case of a diploma programme students must be in the last stage of their diploma grogramme and have exceeded the tolerance semesters
  • Bachelor’s programme: at least 120 ECTS
  • Master’s programme: at least 80 ECTS
  • Doctoral programme: all required or compulsory courses including additional criteria (e.g. reports on progress) as specified in the curriculum

In addition, applicants are required to have earned a minimum of 8 ECTS points in the semester preceding the date of application. Only compulsory (elective) courses incl. recognition of examinations (examination date within the respective semester) will be taken into account; if joint degree programmes were selected (NAWI Graz, Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering, Teacher Training Programme), these can also have been achieved at the relevant partner university. For diploma programmes, master's programmes or doctoral programmes, applicants are required to have their first or second supervisor confirm the progress made with their diploma, master's or doctoral thesis.

Scholarship payments

The scholarship is paid out during the current semester, providing that the student is registered for the degree programme (valid registration through payment of tuition fee). Students receiving the scholarship who do not have a legal relationship with TU Graz are solely responsible for any tax-related matters that may arise in relation to the scholarship.


Registrar's Office

Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm

Phone: +43 316 873 6126