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FoE Advanced Material Science

Planet Research

Research in the Field of Expertise Advanced Materials Science aims to improve existing materials and to design them to be lighter, more flexible, cheaper or more robust. The researchers work primarily with materials for the areas of energy technology, electronics, lightweight construction and medical technology in basic and application-oriented research.

Ein Raum, in dem ein weißtes Gerät mit vielen Röhren steht. Im Hintergrund sitzen drei Männer an einem Schreibtisch. Vor ihnen ist ein großer Computerbildschirm mit vielen bunten Flächen.

An order of magnitude makes all the difference

In chemical analysis, when electron microscopes reach their limits, the field emission microprobe steps in. With this equipment, taking analysis down to the next level of magnitude is no problem.   Read more 7. October 2019

Searching for the most efficient molecular recipe

Andreas Jeindl simulates the properties that materials ought to have under certain conditions. Among other things, he hopes to improve the OLEDs used in mobile phone screens and solar panels.   Read more 9. August 2019


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