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FoE Advanced Material Science

Planet Research

Research in the Field of Expertise Advanced Materials Science aims to improve existing materials and to design them to be lighter, more flexible, cheaper or more robust. The researchers work primarily with materials for the areas of energy technology, electronics, lightweight construction and medical technology in basic and application-oriented research.

Zwei Wasserstoffatome.

Hydrogen: Electricity Storage of the Future?

If our energy system is to become more eco-friendly, there is no way to avoid hydrogen as an energy carrier. Researchers around the world are certain of this.   Read more 8. December 2020
Samir Kopacic steht mit einem weißen Labormantel im Büro. In einer Hand hält er ein rundes, weißes Stück Papier, in der anderen ein Stück Plastikfolie.

Samir Kopacic: From crude oil to bioplastics

TU Graz researcher Samir Kopacic would like to contribute to less plastic and more biodegradable materials being used in the future. Meanwhile he is developing his own paper-based packaging.   Read more 18. November 2020


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