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FoE Advanced Material Science

Planet Research

Research in the Field of Expertise Advanced Materials Science aims to improve existing materials and to design them to be lighter, more flexible, cheaper or more robust. The researchers work primarily with materials for the areas of energy technology, electronics, lightweight construction and medical technology in basic and application-oriented research.

Zwei Smartphones mit TU Graz-Inhalten am Display

Summer heat and mobile phone batteries: Tips and info

Battery expert Martin Wilkening from TU Graz knows how much sun mobile phone batteries can tolerate, what exactly happens in the event of a battery fire and how best to keep a mobile phone cool in summer.   Read more 30. July 2020
Heidrun Gruber-Wölfler, Michael Leitner und Manuel Maier stehen im Freien vor dem Gebäude Inffeldgasse 11.

Using measuring instruments to protect against explosion

Doctoral student Manuel Maier from TU Graz’s Institute of Process and Particle Technology received the Anton Paar Research Award for a measuring instrument that controls reactions of highly reactive substances.   Read more 18. March 2020


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