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CHANGE: How to measure, detect, and quantify change reliably


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Following the tradition of open science and joint workshops, Unicorn, the Start-up and Innvoation Hub in Graz, Austria, wants to combine the concept of a standard Springschools with the spirit of Brainhacks and open it to everybody interested in behavior within the fields of medicine, cognitive science, biology, psychology, behavioral and social sciences to name only a few. The first edition of the Brain, Behavior & Society Springschool is hosted as a COLIBRI Focus Workshop in Graz and online throughout the world. As such, this spring school will be a 4-day hybrid event that combines open-hacking and unconference sessions with learning tracks all intermixed with featured talks under the umbrella of one general topic.

“CHANGE: How to measure, detect, and quantify change reliably.”

This topic is inspired by the CoVID-pandemic that consistently changed the world, science, and society. Therefore, all projects and featured talks will be given by invited speakers to enlighten the global theme of “Change” either from the perspective of the brain, from the point of view of behavior, or from a social point of view. In summary, this 2022 edition of the Brain, Behavior & Society Springschool should represent the starting point of a long-lasting series with variant themes and topics in the future.

In addition to time spent collaborating on a wide variety of projects, activities at the spring school will include:

  • Educationals on "Science Communication, Design and Plain Language”
  • Getting started lectures on "Modelling Brain, Behavior & Society”
  • Presentations on "Reproducibility in modern Science”
  • a discussion session on “Life after Academia"
  • Lab visits at the MRI-Lab Graz, the NIRS-Lab, or the EEG/VR Lab to name only a few
  • and many more presentations during the Unconference sessions.


Registration for the spring school and project submission is open.

Participation is free but the event organiser kindly ask you to support Ukraine.

Veranstaltet von

COLIBRI Focus Workshop

Zeit und Ort

5. April 2022, 09:00 - 8. April 2022, 18:00

Unicorn Graz, Schubertstraße 6a, 8010 Graz & online


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