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Assessing and Improving the Operational Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Systems


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In the last fifteen years, a number of disasters, some deliberately caused, some not, have inflicted serious losses of human life, significant damage to property, and massive interruptions in service for a number of large infrastructure systems. In the wake of these events, the concept of resilience is now frequently used to characterise how well these infrastructure systems, their operators, and their users react to and recover from disruptive events. However, there are many different facets of resilience, and much of the literature on infrastructure resilience is qualitative in nature and does not suggest how the resilience of real systems can be improved. This talk will describe ongoing work at the Naval Postgraduate School to assess and improve the operational resilience of critical infrastructure systems to either deliberate threats (for example attacks, sabotage, vandalism) or non-deliberate hazards (for example accidents, failures, natural disasters). We quantify operational resilience for an infrastructure system to a set of disruptive events in terms of degradation of system function. We show how to build and solve a sequence of models to assess and improve the resilience of an infrastructure system to those disruptions. Through simple examples and real-world case studies, we provide motivation, details of the models, and insights.

Veranstaltet von

TU Graz | Institute of Engineering and Business Informatics

Zeit und Ort

27. September 2018, 15:00 - 17:00

TU Graz, Campus Neue Technik, Kopernikusgasse 24/III, Seminarraum MBI (NT03128L), 8010 Graz


Abhaltungssprache: Englisch


Birgit MÖSL
TU Graz | Institute of Engineering and Business Informatics
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