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Annual meeting of the Austrian Society for Biomedical Engineering (ÖGBMT) 2024


  • Tagung/Konferenz


  • Advanced Materials Science (Field of Expertise)
  • Human & Biotechnology (Field of Expertise)
  • Information Communication & Computing (Field of Expertise)

Our conference brings together experts, researchers, and industry leaders to explore the latest breakthroughs, discuss emerging trends, and address key challenges shaping the future of biomedical engineering. Through a diverse array of presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, we aim to create a vibrant atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a fresh face in the field, this is the place to be for insights that matter and connections that count. Let's make this Annual Meeting a hub of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a catalyst for driving progress in biomedical engineering. Get ready for an electrifying experience – we're thrilled to have you here! We look forward to submissions from all subject areas of biomedical engineering. The topics of the annual conference include, but are not limited to: Modeling and Simulation Electrophysiology Biomechanics Bioinformatics Data Analysis Biomedical Implants Nanoparticles Bioelectronics Biomimetics Biomaterials Functional electrical stimulation and movement rehabilitation Biomedicall Imaging Human Brain-Computer Interaction Biomedical device design Regulatory Affairs Hospital technology Education Tissue Engineering/ Artificial Organs.

Veranstaltet von

Graz University of Technology

Zeit und Ort

24. Oktober 2024, 09:00 - 25. Oktober 2024, 15:30

TU Graz, Campus Neue Technik, Stremayrgasse 16, 8010 Graz


Abhaltungssprache: Englisch



Ass.Prof. Dr. Kerstin LENK
TU Graz | Institute of Neural Engineering
Tel.: +43 316 873 30712