Bachelor's Degree Programmes: IT Studies

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A bachelor's degree is the first stage of your university education. It is designed for you to build up a broad knowledge of your subject and get first experiences of practical work. After a regular study duration of six semesters you graduate with the degree Bachelor of Science (BSc). This degree qualifies you for entry to a master's degree programme to study your subject in greater depth.

6 semesters
180 credit points
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
German, many courses offered in English


Four ways to make you unique:

You want to be prepared to enter the broad field of computer science and receive the knowledge and basic education you need to work in the complex domain of information technologies?
The Bachelor's degree programme Computer Science is the right choice for you!

You want to combine the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and information technology?
Think about our Bachelor's degree programme Information and Computer Engineering!

You want to combine the basics of information processing and software development with know-how in business management?
No problem with our Bachelor's degree programme Software Engineering and Management!

You want to receive an interdisciplinary education in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science?
The Bachelor's degree programme Digital Engineering emphasises basic and method-oriented training in the respective subject areas and combinations thereof!

Bachelor's degree and then?

Master's Degree Programme

After completing the bachelor's degree programme, you can directly enrol in 1 of 3 master’s degree programmes with a total of 18 different majors.

Doctoral School

Want to top off your studies with a PhD? No problem at TU Graz!

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