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Initial Registration for a Degree Programme

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Information and Advice

Registrar's Office
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz
Contact persons

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Entrance to the Registrar’s Office only with an arranged appointment (new registrations directly through the online application, other students have to contact studienservicenoSpam@tugraz.at) and wearing a face mask!


1. Choosing your Degree Programme




Getting started at the TU Graz

2. Admission Procedure

If there is a compulsory admission procedure for the degree programme you have chosen, please complete this.

3. Online Pre-Registration

After creating a user account for our online system (TUGRAZonline), you indicate your preferred degree programme and enter your personal data. This must be completed before you can register for your degree programme in person at the TU Graz Registrar's Office.

Pre-registration for the summer semester 2021 is possible from 8 January 2021.

Online Pre-Registration Procedure

Step 1: If you do not have a TUGRAZonline account, please create an basic account:

  • Go to the webpage online.tugraz.at and click login. Under the item Basic account you have to choose the underitem create an account. After successful fulfilment of the form you will receive an E-Mail for activating the system. If you don't receive an E-Mail please contact it-support@tugraz.at immediately.
  • With clicking on the activation link in the E-Mail a confirmation page will open in your browser. Then please click on Weiter (Further).
  • Now you can select an username and password for your account. ATTENTION: It is not possible to change the username afterwards! Please memorize your password!

Step 2: Create an application for a study programme

  • Open TUGRAZonline using the link online.tugraz.at and log in.
  • Start the application „Applications“.
  • Choose the degree programme for which you wish to register and enter your personal data in full.

    • If you only wish to sign up as a co-registered student, choose code 98 (Reifeprüfung nicht relevant) for Hochschulzugangsberechtigung.
    • You can leave the matriculation number field blank if you have never studied at an Austrian university before.

  • Upload a photo. This will later be printed on your student ID card, the TU Graz card.
  • Finally, please check your data and then submit it.
  • You can change or correct your data at any time using the „Applications“ link in TUGRAZonline.

If you need assistance: Download the Student Pre-Registration Guideline

After pre-registration, you can come in person to the Registrar's Office with the necessary documents to be admitted to your preferred degree programme.


Online Pre-Registration for NAWI Graz Students

Students in a degree programme that is operated jointly by TU Graz and the University of Graz as part of the NAWI Graz programme only enrol at one of the two universities, but need to activate online accounts for both universities: in UNIGRAZonline and in TUGRAZonline. Important note: The PIN code you need to activate the second account will be sent to your personal e-mail address 1 to 2 weeks after you activate the account in the system of your home university.

4. Admission in Person at the Registrar's Office

After your pre-registration, please come to the TU Graz Registrar's Office in person during the admission period. Here, you will be admitted to your preferred degree programme if you fulfil all the admission requirements. Please bring the required documents in the original or as a certified copy with you.

When you submit your documents to the Registrar's Office, they will be checked by a staff member. If all the documents for admission are complete, you will receive:

  • your matriculation number;
  • a payment information to pay your tuition fees and the Austrian Student Union fee (ÖH fee), and
  • your student ID card – the TU Graz card.

Information for Admission in the summer semester 2020/21

The general admission period for the winter semester 2020/21 is from 11 January to 5 February 2021. Within this period, it is necessary that prospective students visit the registrar’s office in person. Due to security reasons (hygiene and social distancing regulations), it is necessary that all applicants follow several rules:

  • Following the pre-registration within TUGRAZonline you need to arrange an appointment, without a fixed appointment time you are not allowed to enter the registrar’s office.

    • Persons who finished school within Austria (higher education entrance qualification), it is possible to choose an appointment date directly after pre-registration within the tab “Applications”.
    • Persons with a non-Austrian higher education entrance qualification, please contact studynoSpam@tugraz.at. Please send an e-mail including your name and the country where you obtained your higher education entrance qualification. Our team will check the requirements. If you fulfil all criteria, the appointment tool within TUGRAZonline will be unlocked for you.

  • Please show up alone to your appointment. Please be punctual and do not come too early to your appointment.
  • Please enter the main building (Rechbauerstraße 12) through the main entrance. The registrar’s office is located on the first floor. There will be guides as well as signposts to the registrar’s office.
  • At the counter you are required to wear a face mask, as there is not enough space to have 1 meter distance at all times. Please bring your own face mask with you!

Required Documents for Admission to a Bachelor's Degree Programme

  • Passport or certificate of citizenship and official photo identification
  • Secondary school leaving certificate or proof that you have passed the university entrance qualification exam
  • If there is a additional examination for the degree programme: proof that you have passed the additional examination
  • If you were previously admitted to a different university: latest record of studies and leaving certificate (certificate of exmatriculation) from your previous university, if you wish to begin the same degree programme at TU Graz

Required Documents for Students Without an Austrian Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Students without an Austrian secondary school leaving certificate can find information on admission on the admission of international degree programme applicants page.


Required Documents for Admission to a Master's Degree or Doctoral Programme

If you have graduated from your bachelor’s or master’s programme at TU Graz and you fulfil all the admission requirements for your preferred degree programme, you can be admitted to the programme in person at the Registrar's Office without any further documents.

Graduates of other recognised Austrian post-secondary educational institutions will receive information on the required documents for admission in person at the TU Graz Registrar's Office or by email: studienservicenoSpam@tugraz.at.

Submission of Documents

Registrar's Office
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz
Contact persons
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 to 12 am

5. Paying your Tuition Fees and the Austrian Student Union Fee

Pay the Austrian Student Union fee (ÖH fee) and, if necessary, the mandatory tuition fees according to the payment information. You will receive confirmation by email three days after you have made the payment, at the earliest. It is only after this that you are admitted to the degree programme at TU Graz and can

  • print the expiry date on your TU Graz card, and
  • set up your TUGRAZonline account.

Every semester, you must pay the ÖH fee and, if necessary, tuition fees, to register to continue your studies at TU Graz. You can find further information on the Registration for the continuation of studies page.

6. Printing the Expiry Date on your TU Graz Card

As soon as you have payed the ÖH fee and, if necessary, tuition fees and received confirmation by email of your admission, you can print the expiry date on your TU Graz card. Your TU Graz card is not valid until you have done this.

To print the expiry date on your TU Graz card, please go to an extension station at TU Graz.

Extension Stations at TU Graz

  • Rechbauerstraße 12, 1st floor
    in front of the Registrar's Office
  • Rechbauerstraße 12, ground floor
    at the HTU Graz office
  • Kopernikusgasse 24, ground floor
  • Inffeldgasse 25D, ground floor

7. Setting Up a TUGRAZonline Student Account

As soon as you have payed the ÖH fee and, if necessary, tuition fees and received confirmation by email of your admission, you can set up your TUGRAZonline student account.

In the email confirming your admission, you will find the PIN code to set up your account.

  • Open TUGRAZonline using the link online.tugraz.at.
  • Under Initial registration, enter the PIN code, your matriculation number and your date of birth to set up your account.
  • You can now edit the details in your TUGRAZonline account and use TUGRAZonline.

Information for New Students

You completed all the necessary steps and received confirmation of your admission? Welcome at TU Graz!

On page Information for New Students you can find out about the next steps after admission, how you can prepare for university and many tips for a successful start to your studies!