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Subject Computer Science

The subject Computer Science at TU Graz is right for you if you are interested in information and communication technologies and enjoy passing on your knowledge. Experts from TU Graz and University College of Teacher Education Styria are eager to pass on their specialist knowledge and pedagogical skills so that you can provide your future students with the best possible computer science education.


Specialist scientific competences in computer science will be taught at TU Graz:

  • You will become familiar with ways of thinking and working specific to computer science.
  • You will learn to judge the effects of technology and reflect on social aspects of computer science.
  • You will learn about fundamental aspects of computer science e.g. mathematics, logic, theoretical computer science, hardware and computer networks.
  • You will acquire sound knowledge of the software development process e.g. how to select a suitable programming environment, algorithms and data structures.

Specialised didactic competences will be taught at the University College of Teacher Education (Pädagogische Hochschule):

  • You learn how to plan, teach, reflect on and evaluate computer science lessons.
  • You find out how to prepare computer science topics in an age-appropriate and motivating manner.
  • You learn how to understand, analyse and support subject-specific learning processes.
  • You learn how to connect computer science with pupils’ everyday experiences.
  • You work with new technologies, as well as media-related and pedagogical concepts which you apply in lessons.

Quick Facts

You choose the subject Computer Science within the framework of the Teacher Education Programme.

  • Duration of study: 8 semesters bachelor’s programme,
    4 semesters master’s programme
  • Academic degree: Bachelor of Education (BEd),
    Master of Education (MEd)
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Admission procedure: Completion of the admission procedure for the Bachelor Programme for Teacher Education.

Curriculum bachelor's programme (in German)

Curriculum master's programme (in German)

I would recommend my bachelor's programme to anyone who enjoys communicating interesting information to children and young people in an exciting way. There are many aspects of computer science so you can be as creative as you like. You can do lots of interesting projects with your pupils. This field is constantly developing and changing, meaning that you are always being confronted with new developments.

Career Options

Graduates of the Teacher Education Programme for Computer Science teach computer science and related subjects at general or vocational secondary schools.

In addition, they teach at general and vocational further education institutions and at other extracurricular educational institutions.

Information and Advice for Prospective Students

Why TU Graz researcher Maria Grandl chose this degree programme.