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Dr. Wolfgang Houska Prize 2023
The B&C private foundation is sponsoring the Dr.Wolfgang Houska Prize 2023 for cooperation between universities and companies. Academics of Graz University of Technology can hand in R&D-projects, that were put into effect or are in the stage of being realised with at least one Austrian partner of the economical field. The prize money for the category of “Academic Research” is awarded with € 250.000.-. Winners will be decided by a panel of experts and they will be announced at a ceremonial event on April, 27th, 2023. Although applications can be handed in directly at the B&C private foundation, it is strongly recommended to contact the R&T House in advance.
Deadline: 30.11.2022

FFG: Green Tech und Tech for Green (in German)
Austrian participations are funded within the framework of the German funding call "GreenTech Innovationswettbewerb - Digitale Technologien als Schlüssel für die ökologische Transformation der Wirtschaft". The aim is to develop, test and apply platforms, tools, methods, business models, usage models or standards for the economic development and integration of digital technologies for sustainability. Submissions can be made in the research categories of industrial research and experimental development.
Deadline: 13.01.2023

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