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Information security is LosFuzzys’ specialist area and passion. Their team participates successfully in IT Security competitions and disseminates knowledge via self-developed challenges and in courses at TU Graz.

Under the motto Don’t feed the bugs, LosFuzzys track down security vulnerabilities in IT systems. Their aim is to build competences in the area of IT security and to gain new knowledge to make IT systems more secure in the future. LosFuzzys prove their skills at world-wide Capture The Flag competitions. In Jeopardy competitions, participant teams tackle tasks in the area of IT Security that are often inspired by real situations and problems. In attack-defence competitions, teams have to find out and exploit vulnerabilities in other teams’ systems and simultaneously eliminate their own vulnerabilities in order to defend their own system. Training and exchange takes place in the team’s FuzzyLab on Campus Inffeldgasse. In addition, LosFuzzys develop their own IT security challenges which can be used by all other interested persons for training purposes as well as in courses at TU Graz. Besides providing a seminar for TU Graz students, LosFuzzys also communicate their knowledge to businesses and co-operation partners in the form of lectures.

Fuzzy Land

Fuzzy Land is a web platform developed by LosFuzzys for hacking challenges. Fuzzy Land is available to everyone who is interested. It is used by LosFuzzys for training as well as in courses at TU Graz. https://fuzzy.land/



  • Participation in Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions in the area of information security
  • Joint training, networking and exchange at the FuzzyLab
  • Development of their own IT Security Challenges for training purposes and for courses at TU Graz
  • Seminars and lectures on the subject of information security at TU Graz and at various businesses

Solve challenges in the field of IT security while having lots of fun - in the LosFuzzys team at TU Graz.

LosFuzzys provide the opportunity to hack in an open environment, test skills and resolve challenges. Competing with other teams around the world is a great challenge – but above all, it is real fun and strengthens teamwork and knowledge. Join the team!



  • 3rd place at the European Cyber Security Challenge

CTF Rankings 2018:

  • 1st in Austria
  • 68th world-wide

LosFuzzys climbed to place 68 (in 2018) up from 400 (in 2014) in CTF world rankings.

LosFuzzys‘ current scores

Current CTF Rankings


LosFuzzys welcome everyone interested in IT security issues! To get in touch, either send an e-mail to teamnoSpam@losfuzzys.net, visit the website https://losfuzzys.net, or pop in to FuzzyLab at Inffeldgasse 16a/ground floor, room IFEG064.