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TU Graz RoboCup Team GRIPS

GRIPS (Graz Robust and Intelligent Production System) develops robots that are able to plan, implement and optimize material flows and the delivery of products in response to dynamic orders.

Team GRIPS was started in autumn of 2015 in the course Construction of Mobile Robots. The team works on artificial intelligence as well as the representation and processing of knowledge, with the robots as an application of these methodologies. As a way of comparing these technologies with others in a standardized way, the team takes part in robotics competitions and the RoboCup World Championships. The team enters the competitions in the Logistics league in which fully autonomous robots intelligently and flexibly put production steps into practice.

Jakob Ludwiger, Source: Ludwiger
Jakob Ludwiger, Member of TU Graz Robocup Team GRIPS

With GRIPS you can implement your own ideas and put the theory acquired in courses to the test. Trying out your ideas in a real setting naturally facilitates the understanding of complex theoretic matters. Being part of the GRIPS team is especially motivating as one can work on a realistic and practice-based project. Developing a functioning solution for problems and overcoming challenges as a team is what excites me most about GRIPS.


  •  Name: TU Graz Robocup Team GRIPS (Graz Robust and Intelligent Production System)  
  • Tasks: Development of robotics for industrial applications
  • Address:
    Graz University of Technology
    Inffeldgasse 10/II
    8010 Graz 
  • Contact:

  • Social Media:

  • Target group: students interested in robotics and artificial intelligence

GRIPS can offer you:

  • the chance to develop and implement your own ideas,
  • opportunities to learn from engineers and researchers from different areas of robotics and artificial intelligence,
  • contacts to companies, and
  • participation in regional and international robotics competitions  (such as the RoboCup Logistics League) in which robotics teams compete with other teams or rather, their robots.






  • 3rd place in the RoboCup Logistics League at the world championship in Leipzig
  • „Rookie of the Year“

In the Logistics League, teams of 3 robots fabricate products fully autonomously in a real-time race against other 3-robot teams in a factory. This league simulates the challenges that the next industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0) is posing.


Do you like programming? Are you interested in robots and artificial intelligence? Please send us an email to gripsnoSpam@robocup.tugraz.at – the team is looking forward to meeting you.