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quoteWe build the leading software for autonomous mobile robotsquote


Have you ever dreamed of founding a company? Well, we did just that, and now it has already been over 10 years since incubed IT came into existence. incubed IT was founded by 7 graduates of Graz University of Technology. We provide sophisticated hardware independent localization and navigation software for fleets of autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

Our story was initiated by a Bachelor thesis that led us to RoboCup, a soccer championship, where robotics teams from all over the world meet to compare the skills of their robots. Five years later, we organized the 2D soccer simulation league as part of the RoboCup event in Graz, a crucial achievement that showed us what we could build as a team and led us to the idea of founding our own company. Besides the technical component we had to work on a lot of organizational issues for this event, which served as an excellent basis for this big step into the business world.

Study 2007-2016
in 2011
Software engineering for mobile robotics
32+ employees by 2021
Hart bei Graz, Austria
International costumers, global presence
Self-financed by doing contract development
Julius Arnus,
Andreas Heckenblaicker,
Christoph Zehentner,
Máté Wolftam,
Michael Reip,
Reinhard Günther,
Stephan Gspandl


incubed IT’s story started with a private connection that led us to KNAPP. We heard that they are looking for innovative and educated people for challenging logistics issues with whom they would be willing to found a joint startup. We worked on that plan for approximately one year and following to that we (the seven graduates of TU Graz) founded a Start-up by ourselves. However, from day one we have been working very closely with KNAPP.

Mobile robots were chosen as a solution for the logistics challenges KNAPP was facing. Half of us founders were involved in contract work, developing logistics software for KNAPP in order to create immediate revenue. The other half concentrated on developing the shuttle software, which was, especially in the beginning, financed by the contract work for KNAPP. After a few years had passed, the teething troubles of the software had been eradicated and customer demand had increased.

A 30% investment was the next step to grow our company and prepare it for the future. Having a strong partner allowed us to focus even more on development and business. This investment was pulled through in December 2015. Since then, both sides have happily lived this partnership.


We work in five Agile teams (Robotics, Business Logic, Framework, UX, Integration), each of which has a certain focus on one aspect of our product.

Knowing each other well and talking to one another in a very uncomplicated way are highly helpful in our daily work. All our employees appreciate this open attitude and see it as one of the main reasons they enjoy working in our company. We take care of releases and updates together. Our development teams can largely concentrate on the development of our core software, with which we try to cover all customer requirements as best we can. Furthermore, we attach great importance to regular stand-ups in order to have an overview of the work in the various teams and support each other in the best ways possible.

Our plans for the future include expanding our staff. Verizon, one of the 20 most successful companies in the US, has agreed to acquire incubed IT and this brings along new job opportunities. Check out our job offers and sign up for a position on the following link: devjobs.at/team/incubed-it-gmbh/


Dl Máté Wolfram
Dr. Michael Reip