quoteWe create the future of e-commerce     
        as a technology leader in augmented reality!quote


Reactive Reality is a technology leader in augmented reality (AR) solutions for fashion e-commerce, located in Graz, Austria and Milpitas, California. It has developed an industry-leading AR engine that converts standard 2D photos into accurate 2D & 3D models in minutes. The technology is unique in the market due to its scalability and realism.

Reactive Reality’s core product PICTOFiT enables online shoppers to experience products before buying. Users can create photo-realistic 3D avatars of themselves to get accurate measurements or precise size recommendations and experience the outfits before the purchase. Retailers can easily integrate PICTOFiT into existing web-shops and apps to increase user engagement & loyalty, sales conversion and reduce return rates.

Studied at TU GRAZ: PhD, Msc, Msc
in 2014
SAAS/ Augmented Reality Solutions for Fashion E-Commerce
50+ employees by 2021
Graz, Austria
over €10 Mio. funding
Stefan Hauswiesner,
Philip Grasmug,
Philipp Pani,
Dieter Schmalstieg


Users can experience PICTOFiT through detailed product viewing, virtual try-on and exact size recommendation. Retailers can use their existing photo studios for 3D capturing of garments. Capturing takes about 3 minutes per item and is therefore scalable to hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

The scalability and the photorealism are achieved through a unique and proprietary combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), photogrammetry and image-based rendering. Reactive Reality is offering a solution that goes from a physical product to a consumer’s device of choice, meaning it is universally usable on all platforms with just one system.

Users can experience different products in the following ways:

3D Avatar Generation & Body Measurements
Reactive Reality’s technology allows users to generate a 3D avatar of themselves with thousands of measurements on their smartphones. This novel image-based approach makes 3D avatars photorealistic and avoids the artificial look of other technologies. Users can animate their avatars or immerse themselves into video games, pose on a fashion runway, visit future and travel designations.

3D Product Viewing & Fashion Try-On
Reactive Reality’s technology allows brands and retailers to generate photorealistic 3D models of their products in an efficient manner, capturing fine details such as winkles, fabrics and furry material. The 3D models can be placed on product detail pages and be used for virtual try-on applications.


The founders research at TU Graz revolved around creating a virtual fitting room - a room-sized device which allowed users to see themselves wearing virtual outfits on a large TV screen. The device was equipped with multiple cameras and expensive computer hardware to run a number of complex algorithms which they have developed. The three founders of Reactive Reality, Stefan Hauswiesner, Philipp Grasmug and Philipp Pani met after Stefan finished his PhD in 2013.
All three of them have graduated from the TU Graz.

They realized that the ability to try on outfits virtually before buying them online had a huge market potential. However, the device in their research lab was too heavy and expensive for anyone to buy in larger numbers. So the idea was born to found a company and redesign and develop the same functionality on mobile devices.
The studies and research at ICG prepared Stefan Hauswiesner, Philipp Grasmug and Philipp Pani to work on an international level and create technology that becomes best in class. These are important skills for founders of technology startups, which inevitably compete globally for customers. Professor Schmalstieg, who is heading the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG), has been a long-term supporter of the development as a company and as creators and inventors of new technology. Reactive Reality still works closely with Professor Schmalstieg and the institute on solving some of the most challenging problems in computer graphics and deep learning. Reactive Reality was also supported by Science Park Graz which provided valuable resources and advice in the early days.

The founders state that there is no typical workday for them. Every stage of the company comes with new and different challenges. The beginning is dominated by technical developments. After that it’s about establishing product-market fit, finding first customers and investors. Later it’s about team growth, quality assurance, internal and external communication etc. Definitely a job that never gets boring :)

“Founding and growing a company is an exciting journey. Nothing in a regular career is comparable to this experience.
You can only do it while you’re young, so do it now. You will grow with the challenge - nobody is born a CEO.”
- Stefan Hauswiesner, CEO & Co-Founder of Reactive Reality


Some latest successes of Reactive Reality include being a proud partner of Microsoft and together with The Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion the Digital Stylist was created, an 3D avatar of one self who acts as a styling assistant in virtual reality. In 2020 Reactive Reality was also part of the annual Milan Fashion show, where upcoming young designers used our technology to create photorealistic 3D models of the intricate garments. The latest big achievement is the cooperation with YOOX,  an international fashion retailer, who have launched YOOXMIRROR, a mobile app powered by Reactive Reality’s technology which allows users to visualise different outfit combinations on the avatar, and then immerse it into different scenes.

We see ourselves as a leader of Augmented Reality not only growing in the fashion business but also expanding and including additional use cases in gaming, teleconferencing (photo-realistic avatar generation), and health and fitness (track body shape in 3D over time). The vision is for Reactive Reality’s technology to make Augmented Reality accessible to everyone every day and time.



Download and try out Pictofits SDK and check out the demo app.