Degree Programme Software Engineering and Management

Bachelor's Degree Programme SEM

In this bachelor's degree programme, you will learn the necessary fundamental skills to successfully develop software systems. These include skills in mathematics, software development, information processing, management and economics. You will learn how software is produced, how the associated data structures are organised and modelled and how software systems operate.

The consideration of economic conditions also plays an important role in this programme. Therefore, in addition to acquiring the necessary fundamental knowledge in information technology, you will also learn business skills related to planning, project management, cost management and quality management.

You will already experience the important connection between theoretical knowledge and practical application during the course of your studies. For example, you will conduct design exercises in the form of small software projects or have the opportunity to participate in research projects as part of your bachelor’s thesis.


Focus Areas

Fundamentals: You will learn the fundamentals of computer science as well as the mathematical foundations of computer science, such as analysis, discrete mathematics, numerical computing, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics.

Software Engineering: You will learn about basic and advanced software development. Specifically, you will learn, e.g. system-oriented programming, programming languages and about fundamental aspects of operating systems and software paradigms. In addition, you will explore human-computer interactions, computer graphics and machine vision and immerse yourself in the world of virtual and augmented reality.

Information Processing: Your research interests will include data management and data science as well as data structures and algorithms. You will learn how computers are constructed as well as programmed and networked. In the area of information security, a focus is placed on cryptography and computer security.

Management: You will become familiar with project management and acquire economic and legal fundamental knowledge, e.g. about business administration, accounting, business sociology, civil law and corporate law.

6 semesters
180 credit points
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
German, many courses offered in English

Master's Degree Programme SEM

After completing the bachelor's degree programme, you can directly enrol in 1 of 3 master’s degree programmes with a total of 18 different Majors, where 10 Majors are in the Master's Dregree Programme Software Engineering and Management.


Semester Plan



4 semesters
120 credit points
"Diplom-Ingenieurin" or "Diplom-Ingenieur" (Dipl.Ing. or DI), equivalent to the Master of Science (MSc)

Doctoral School

Want to top off your studies with a PhD? No problem at TU Graz!

Formal duration: 3 years
Average duration: 4 to 5 years
Doktorin/Doktor der technischen Wissenschaften
(Dr. techn.; trans.: Doctor of Technical Sciences, equivalent to the PhD)

Bachelor's Programme


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