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Our Moving Story

Founded in 2016 as a spin-off from Graz University of Technology and Know-Center, Invenium has been part of the A1 Start Up Campus since 2017 and was able to use the infrastructure of one of the leading communications companies in Central and Eastern European Regions. In summer 2020, the A1 Group increased its stake to 51% in order to strengthen further strategic cooperation.

With the platform "Mobility Insights", Invenium creates a new view of human movement flows and uses state-of-the-art algorithmic models, powerful Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence on anonymized mobile signaling data. The generated insights support companies from the different industries, for example "Retail", "Tourism", or "Transportation" as well as public institutions in the optimization of processes, in increasing efficiency and in the development of new data-driven business models.

The partners are also ministries, where movement patterns are visualized and information about suitable safe measures (for example in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic) is provided. Currently Invenium is focusing on the markets in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia & Bulgaria.

Cooperation with the Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning and the Know-Center
in 2016
IT service delivery. Especially big-data analysis of anonymized movement data
20+ employees by 2022
Graz, Austria
International costumers, 5 main European markets
subsidiary company of A1 Telekom Austria group
Christopher Horn, Gunnar Schulze & Michael Cik

Methods and USP´s

The basis for "Mobility Insights" is technical data, so-called cell phone signaling data, which a cell phone provider generates to maintain its infrastructure. In Austria, Invenium and A1 use a strictly TÜV-tested process to reprocess around 3.2 million mobile device data every day, to make them anonymous and to aggregate them to such an extent that it is not possible to trace them back to individual persons. The data, which amount about 44% of the total population in Austria, are extrapolated to the rest of the population. Therefore special mathematical and statistical methods are used.

University projects and the researched machine learning and analysis methods also form the basis for the Mobility Insights platform that is used today. The machine-learning methods and analysis algorithms are continuously developed, based on the findings from research and customer projects. The combination of an interactive representation of mobility behaviour and the catchment area in connection with all route chains and activity patterns of people over a day and an ongoing validation of the algorithms based on empirical surveys, makes the platform “Mobility Insights” unique. Another unique selling point is the development of new classification algorithms, which, in combination with supplementary information from other data sources, enable a new algorithmically differentiated approach. Invenium offers individual solutions for their clients, for example in form of dashboards, individual reports, csv-exports, etc.

Behind the Scenes and Future

Invenium is working together in agile teams on products, all employees stand behind the common mission and the products with full commitment. They are working in creative teams with a passion for challenges and innovative solutions. New products, new data, the use of powerful hardware and high-end devices and always state-of-the-art algorithm methods are necessary therefore. The aim is to bring the main products of Mobility Insights to perfection as well as to extend in the already existing different business fields like economy, public institutions, tourism organisations, transportation companies, event organizers and so on. The clear mission is to make mobility understandable, to find solutions for all customers and to grow together with partners and clients as well as to develop and entry in new markets. Let`s explore human mobility at scale together!


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